The invite.

With a coy smile on my face, I tear a sheet of notebook paper from my science notebook and write down quickly in my scribbled looking cursive, 

"You come here." 

I contemplate adding some cute emoticon like a winky-face or a smiley, but decide against it. Who knows if we're flirting really. He could just be bored and wants someone to talk to. Can't imagine why he'd pick me of all people though. Yeah, still letting that sink in I guess. With a heavy sigh, I fold up the note rather haphazardly and I slide on down toward Braydon. He smirks as it comes up to him and he picks it up coolly, unfolding it with ease. 

He reads it for a few seconds then with amused eyes he looks at me, fighting back a smile. Just for the record, this has to be the most attractive face I've ever seen him make. Just saying, I wish I had a camera or something so I could hang his face on my wall. Yes, like a complete stalker. 

Next thing I know he's gathering his books into a pile, winding up the cord of his headphones, and shoving all of his belongs into his messenger bag. He glances around, checks out the study hall teacher to see if she's paying attention, then stands up and walks around his end of the table. Before I know it he's strolled right up and plops down across from me. 

His eyes look deeply amused, but also playful. Now smiling to himself, he doesn't say a word as he places his books on the table and splays them out in front of him like a fan. His big, clunky, white headphones come out next and he pugs them into the white cell-phone he had stowed in his pocket. They're so loud I can hear the song playing from where I sit- granted it's only about three feet away. It's a good song at least and that makes me happy- maybe too happy. 

He proceeds to hang the headset around his neck so he can hear the music, but it doesn't block his hearing. Meaning, I suppose, he wants to talk. He doesn't mess with any of the books in front of him, but taps his pencil on one of them along to the beat of the song. Finally he's looking right at me and I avoid eye contact as long as I can without being rude. Sure enough though I look up and our eyes connect. I'm left speechless gazing into a storm. His eyes remind me of a hurricane. 

The End

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