The awkward.

It's probably crazy of me, but I just couldn't imagine getting up in front of the entire study hall, waltzing over to the cutest guy in the room, and plopping my butt right in front of him. Seriously, my legs feel absolutely incapable of even doing so. It's as if the awkward-goblin snuck over and attached an ankle weight to me, because I ain't moving now- even if I wanted to. Maybe it's just my awkwardness holding me back. 

I look at him like he's crazy and shake my head fervently. He smirks and writes something else down, then comes in sailing another note. I open it on the table and read it quickly. 

"Why, lazy?" 

Biting my lip, I play off of this. Yeah, sure, I'm lazy. Lazy as hell. He's a whole ten yards away- feels like there's a mountain between us. Or a river valley. Heck, let's go with a galaxy. He is in a galaxy far, far away and I am just too much of a lazy butt to get up and walk over. That, that is why I won't sit with him. 

I nod and he laughs from where he's at. He holds up a finger and tells me with his eyes to wait a second, then he writes one more note and send it floating on down the tabletop. 


That does it. My cheeks catch fire and my stomach does all it's flipping and flopping inside me like a fish on a dock. God, why does he have to be so darn attractive? With his mop of soft-looking dark brown hair, those striking grey eyes, and his milky-caramel skin. Really, can you blame me for fawning? The guy's a dream- and not just to me either. Of course, I'm not the only one who finds him to be the bee's knees. There are plenty of other girls around that'd like to be sitting where I am right now.

Well not exactly where I am. In a muggy, crowded cafeteria, stuck at a table with gum under the table and some mysterious stain on the seat next to me. But, still, I've got Braydon Sanders looking at me and sending me little notes, asking me to come sit with him. Still though, I don't think I can bring myself to go sit over there.

Maybe he can come over here though? 

The End

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