The note.

I glance at him from where I sit and he's still looking, a small smile creeping onto his lips. Rolling my eyes, I sigh and shake my head. He's just toying with me- I know it. I shouldn't read the note, I should just ignore it. People like him don't send notes to people like me. Not in such a public place like study-hall. All eyes could be on us for all I know- he's that popular. 

It just sits there and taunts me though. 

With a quiet groan at my own cursed curiosity, I pick up the little note, trying to ignore the butterflies in my stomach I get as I read the writing on the outside. 

"To the girl with the blue eyes." 

His sloppy scrawl is a little hard to decipher, but not impossible. Fighting a smile, I open it up, trying not to look super anxious. It's not a long note at all, just a few simple words. 

"Come sit with me." 

I freeze and re-read those four little words again and again. What does he mean come sit with me? Well, I mean, I guess it's a pretty straightforward request, but it just seems too impossible. He can't be asking me even if I am the only other person at my table. Sure, he designated it to the girl with the blue eyes, but-like-no. With a little terror in my blue eyes, I look back to him and mouth, 


He quirks an eyebrow and looks confused at my question. Guess he didn't think he'd need a reason. Guess he doesn't know me though. He goes to write something else and up comes sliding another note. I snatch it and open it quickly, hastily reading his reply. This note was written to "The girl with the pretty blue eyes." I only slightly died when I read that. 

"Does there have to be a reason?" 

It now becomes impossible to break out in a big goofy grin so I look away so as not to frighten the poor guy. My cheeks are probably the color of a smacked behind and my teeth and gums are bared like a hyena. I'm just far too happy, but I don't want to go sit with him otherwise this feeling won't last- I'm sure of it. 

The End

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