The staring contest.

Sometimes you just have to get up, walk over, plop your sorry behind down, and hope for the best. Other times, you have to wait for them to do it instead.

He just looked at me. 

It's no, big deal, calm down. It was just a spare glance- I'm sure he didn't even notice it was me he was looking at. I sure did though. Man, why doesn't he look again? Can't he feel my eyes boring into the side of his skull? Seriously, I'm probably looking like such a creeper right now with my head phones blaring just latching my eyeballs to this guys head from across the room. He's sat down at the other end of the cafeteria lunch table. It's a long, row table and we might as well be on opposite sides of the planet as far as I'm concerned. 

He's just sitting there though! He's got big headphones on, tapping his pencil on his spiral notebook like a wannabe drummer, completely numb to my insistent stares of admiration. Why can't he just look up and notice me- not that I'm sure what I'd do if he did. Maybe smile? No, I could have something in my teeth. I could wave, no matter how awkward that could be. Knowing me, I'd probably just look away blushing and pretend this freaking calculus homework is as important as my teacher makes it out to be. 

Sighing to myself, I accept the inevitable and look away. The numbers and letters on my page swim around as my mind loses focus. It's weird, but I could swear I'm being watched and I hate to sound like a typical, hormonal teenage girl- but I think he's looking at me again. Or, actually, more like staring. 

I try to see out my peripheral without actually staring back at him like a weirdo, but it's hard to tell if he's look at me or past me. His head is definitely turned though, it's facing my general direction for sure. Suddenly, I feel utterly conscious of myself and I don't know what to do. Should I play busy and ignore him? Should I fix my make-up like one of the pretty girls? Should I act like I'm into my homework like a smart girl? Should I read like a book worm girl? 

All while I run through these options in my head, I just end up staring into space like a me-girl. Well, that's just great. 

To my surprise when I break out of my daydreaming, I still feel his eyes on me. They're pretty intense, too. Suddenly, something slides up on the table and I stare at it in shock. 

The End

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