Chapter 1

Bridgette Robin has always been bullied as a kid. She feels like nothing, unwanted, and a waste of space. This all changes when she runs into Spencer Stone, the most popular male in their school.
Will Bridgette fall in love?
Will she feel wanted?
Read on to find out.


This solitude and emptiness is all too familiar to me. I have always been unwanted, so this quiet feeling isn't by any means awkward. My wandering gaze fixes upon a group of girls, who chat endlessly. Oh, how I envy them, all of them. I envy how they are something, I on the other hand am nothing, just a waste of space.

I continue my solitary saunter towards class, not even attempting to make small talk to those who are unaware of my social ranking. For if I do that, I will draw attention. Some people desire attention, doing pranks and tricks to get it. However, I do my best to avoid attention, I lay low and interact as little as I possible. If I try to stand out, be myself, or even try to make my life a tad less miserable, it will inevitably be futile. The only attention I will attract will be the one from a bully, cruel people who exist in this world only to make the lives of others a living hell.

My sulking is interrupted by a painfully recognizable voice, "Hey Bridgette! It seems none of your friends showed up to the first day of school." Despite the insult thrown at me by Ashely, I continue to walk forward. Apparently Ashely wanted to impress her friends so she continued to talk to me, in her arrogant tone of voice she blurted, "Oh. I forgot, you have no friends." Laughter erupts within her clique that consists of girls who try harder to lose their virginity than bring their grades up. I wanted to respond, but I couldn't, because if I do most likely I would be struck in the face or possibly worse.

As they continued to laugh and snort, I made a beeline to my first class listed on the bright, fluorescent leaf of paper that has my schedule printed on it. So far, on my way to civics, I haven't encountered another bully.

In relief I take a large sip of my warm, milky coffee. I indulge in its warmth and pleasurable sweetness before I swallow. Lowering the cup I observe it, noting that its dark brown color matches my hair. Additionally, the wavy nature of my hair matches the swirls in the coffee. The styrofoam container's hue, matches the one of my eyes, blue-ish gray. I crave for more of the delicious liquid causing me to lift it up for seconds. As I sip it down into my mouth I close my eyes. While my eyes were closed I failed to avoid the upcoming object; Spencer Stone, the school's most popular male.

The End

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