something Catchy(Ch16-21)

Brianna Kennon


Catchy Title(Ch16-21)

Summary of the chapters sixteen through twenty one, at the beginning of chapter sixteen, we find out that mrs.Nisbet died. It is a sad day for everyone because they lost someone they lost but they are kinda happy because they received all of her things.Chapter seventeen, Matt got stuck in a blizzard and he had to walk home in it from the post office. One good thing came out of it snowing, they got water. They finally had something to wash clothes and dishes with, but the water was gray from all the ask, so the clothes only got simi clean. Chapter eighteen christmas eve miranda and her family went caroling. Then Christmas was fun for the whole family because everyone got presents and gave them out.Chapter nineteen, the family found mom nearly unconscious and it scared everyone. Everyone had to take care of Mom. Chapter twenty, Mom still isnt feeling well so all of the kids are doing for themselves. Miranda has been going out and skiing with Jon. Valentines Day passes and miranda wants to know where Dan has gone, i kinda feel bad for her. Chapter twenty one, Miranda went to town. Then at the end of the chapter she realizes that nothing is going to change, that they will be okay, there is no reason for her to be keeping a journal, and that's how it ends.

I feel like the theme of the book is that, You shouldn't worry about the future. The book says “ I am keeping this journal for myself so I can always remember life as we knew it,life as we know it, for a time we are no longer in the sunroom. I feel what miranda, or the author is trying to say is that, you shouldn't think think back on the times that were good or bad. You should just live for now and not worry about the future.

What forces motivate the characters actions in the novel? I think that everything the main character, Miranda, did was based on the events and the people in her surroundings. For example, When Mrs.Nesbit died, it helped her and her family out so much, i think they would have probably been dead if it weren't for her dieing and Miranda having the conversation with her about taking all of her things.


The End

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