Shawn and Amy had made it out of the house, and had gone to the police. But when the police checked the house, they found no bodies. Just a hole in Eric's closet and a massive hole in the bathroom wall. When they went up to the attack what they found made their skin crawl. They found four skeletons. Two of which belonged to two teenage boys, one was horribly destroyed, one with a shattered skull. The other belonged to a young girl, the bones had scratches and teeth marks in them. But they found one skeleton, that belonging to a large, adult male, sitting in a rocking chair. What's more bizzare is that the chair was rocking and the skeleton had an axe in it's hand. The bodies were identified as Eric and Sarah Carter, Mike Parker, and Randy White. Randy White had disappeared without a trace over fifteen years ago. He had worked in the woods cutting trees down. It turns out he had rented and lived in the attic when the previous owners lived in the house. The police speculate that they got tired of him coming home late at night, drunk, and causing trouble for them, so they sealed him in the attic. Where he was trapped until he starved to death. Shawn and Amy were blamed for the murders of Eric, Mike, and Sarah, and were charged and tried as adults. They sat in prison for months until a new family moved into Eric's house. That new family was brutally murdered a few weeks after they moved in. They were all killed by an axe.

  The Attic Axe Murders are still unsolved to this day. Shawn Black and Amethyst Summers are still together, and still have memories from that cold, winter day. They live in a house together, in another town. Their house has no attic.

The End

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