A Death in the Family / Return to the HouseMature

  The four friends walked down the side of the street. It had begun to snow fairly heavily. Shawn began reflecting on the experience. "That was some creepy shit guys." Amy and Mike nodded. Eric laughed. "At least you guys don't have to go back there." The other three laughed. "True that." Then Shawn stopped. "Eric...we left your sister alone in the house."

Sarah Carter went and sat down on the futon in the living room. She looked over at the windows. They were completely fogged up, despite the house being freezing cold. She shivered and went over to the thermostat. The heat was cranked up full blast. "That's weird..." She returned to the couch and turned the television on. She began flicking through channels. She came to a movie that caught her eye. All of a sudden the TV switched to a black screen and the figure of a man appeared on the screen. He had white stubble on his broad chin. He had short white and gray hair, and bright green eyes. His skin was sickly pale. He stared at Sarah from the TV. She quickly changed the channel. As soon as she did it changed back to the man. He continued to stare at her. She opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out. "I'm coming to get you." The TV switched back to the movie she was watching. Sarah tensed up and slowly got to her feet. "That...that didn't really happen." The TV switched to static and a high pitched, blood curdling, indescribable scream filled the house. The glass of the TV screen exploded outwards, along with sparks and bits of electronic parts. Sarah dropped to the ground, her limbs felt like jelly, tears began streaming from her eyes. She could barely breathe. The screaming had stopped and the house was filled with silence. She crawled out into the dining room and heard thumping noises from the attic. "Okay. Okay. Get a hold of yourself, Sarah. This has to be a dream. A terrible, horrible dream." With that the door to the attic exploded off it's hinges and slammed into the ground. Dust and debris floated down like the snow that was falling outside. Sarah managed to get to her feet and brace herself against a wall. She stared at the opening to the attic. Tears still ran down her face. High pitched squeaking noises began to come from the attic. A cloud of bats flew out of the attic and into the house. Sarah screamed and fell backward to the ground. The cloud of bats descended on her. They tore at her flesh with their sharp claws and teeth. Her screams were muffled by fur and the leather-like skin of bat wings. The swarm of bats flew back up into the attic. There was nothing left of Sarah Carter. Nothing.

Three weeks had passed, and during two of those three weeks the police were unable to locate Sarah Carter. It was presumed that she had either run away or had been kidnapped. But with no leads or evidence, it was nearly impossible to continue. "Man, it's horrible that no one can find your sister." Commented Shawn as he, Amy, Mike, and Eric walked toward Eric's house. "It's not so bad. She got on my nerves anyways, I don't really miss her to be honest. It's really affected my Mom though." The group was quiet. "Let's not forget what today is about. Having fun!" The four friends cheered and walked into the warmth of Eric's house.

The End

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