"You Scared the Piss Out of Us"Mature

  Shawn pulled a silver camera from his book bag and turned it on. "We're going to go around, and we're going to see if we can catch anything on film." Mike walked out into the large dining room. "Well..." he stammered. "Those cabinets weren't open before." Shawn and Mike stared at four open cabinets. They slammed shut before their eyes. Shawn and Mike went white. "Something is definitely not right here." Mike agreed. He walked forward but stopped dead in his tracks. Shawn looked worriedly at Mike. "What is it?" Mike turned around, his deep, blue eyes were wide and his jaw was agape. "Mike, what is it!" Mike turned around and ran past Shawn. "Shawn, turn around, run Shawn, run!" Shawn ran into the living room where Mike was now standing, out of breath and gagging. Amy and Eric sat there stunned. "Mike, what the fuck was that about?" Mike looked up at Shawn. "You mean you didn't hear that?" Shawn looked at Mike, an eyebrow raised. "No?" All four friends stood there. Then, barely audible, from the dining room came the words "Get out".

Amy had her face buried in Shawn's shoulder. Shawn stroked her hair. "It's okay." He said in a soothing tone. Mike and Eric were looking around nervously. A few more low thuds emitted from the walls. "I'm kind of creeped out now, guys." admitted Eric. "Which is bad, cause I'm used to weird stuff happening." Mike started pacing around. "I wish we could find out what was making those thudding noises." Eric looked at Mike and smiled. "It's obviously a ghost." There was the distinct sound of furniture scraping across a floor. It had come from the attic. Everyone looked up. "What the fuck was that?" Everyone looked at each other. Shawn looked at Eric. "Is there a way to get into the attic?" Everyone's jaws dropped. Amy sat up and stared at Shawn. Mike's arms hung limp. Eric stood up. "There is, but you can't be serious. You're thinking of going up there?" Shawn nodded. "The only way we can find anything out is to either wait until we see a ghost, or go up there." Mike started walking out into the dining room. "I'll go up with the camera." "Alright." Agreed Shawn. Eric led them to a small hallway between the kitchen and the dining room. He pointed up at a closed opening to the attic. "When we moved in the old owners told us never to open it because they kept hearing noises. There's also supposed to be a bunch of bats up there." Shawn and Mike examined the door. It had no handle. Only a small metal hoop. Mike tried to open it, he couldn't get it to open. "It's open on one side, but it feels like it's sealed on the other two sides." Shawn ran into the kitchen. All of the cupboards were open and there were dishes scattered about. "Well that's weird..." Shawn searched through a couple doors until he found a knife. He returned to the attic door where Eric and Mike were trying to get the door open. Shawn pushed them out of the way. He jammed the knife between the frame and the small door. It felt like he had cut through flesh. A shiver went through his spine. "Ugh, that felt so gross." He looked over at Amy who was standing there looking at him. A look of terror on her face. He returned his gaze to the door where he brought the knife closer to him. "Guys it feels so weird. It's like I'm cutting through a person." Eric's eyes went wide. "Shawn! Stop cutting!" Shawn removed the knife. "Why?" "Because, it's sealed shut! Probably for a good reason." Shawn set the knife down on a small desk. "Why would it be sealed from the inside?" Eric and Mike looked at each other. Amy stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Shawn. "They probably put the caulking on the door then closed it, Hun." Shawn chuckled. "Why didn't I think of that?" Eric looked at the door. A series of thuds that sounded like knocks came from the door. Everyone jumped. Shawn looked at Eric then up to the attic door. "Come in!" Eric looked at Shawn in disbelief. "Don't say that! It might listen to you!" Mike laughed. "We should probably leave now, Shawn might miss his bus home." They all agreed and put their jackets on. As they were about to leave the doorknob to the front door began to turn. Everyone froze and stared. The door opened and Eric's little sister walked in. "What are you guys doing here?" Eric pushed past his sister and out into the cold. It had began to snow. "Just leaving." He motioned for his friends to follow. Shawn and Amy walked out. Mike stopped in the doorway and looked at Eric's sister. "You scared the piss out of us." He then walked out and closed the door.

The End

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