First EncounterMature

  The door closed with a large bang. The four teens had run into the house. A wave of blissful warmth washed over them. Eric and Mike quickly removed their shoes and dashed through the large dining room and into the living room. Shawn and Amy looked at each other and giggled. They removed their shoes and joined the other two. Mike was on the floor playing with Eric's dog, Cyrus. He was a sandstone colored Pomeranian. Shawn walked over and sat down on Eric's futon. Amy snuggled up beside him, wrapping her arms around his torso, and placing her head on his shoulder. Mike left Cyrus alone and turned on Eric's PS2. Eric picked up a Guitar Hero controller and sat down beside Shawn and Amy. Shawn watched as Mike and Eric played through a couple songs. At about the fourth song, he thought he heard something. It sounded like banging coming from the walls.

"Hey." Whispered Mike. Eric and Shawn looked at Mike. "Amy's asleep." Shawn looked down at Amy's head, which was now on his chest. He kissed the top of her head. Mike grabbed a stuffed fish off the floor. "Let's throw shit at her!" Mike threw the fish at Amy. Shawn caught it just before it hit her in the head, he then quickly threw it back at Mike, who also caught it. "Asshole." Eric started playing Guitar Hero by himself. Mike went over and sat between him and Shawn and Amy. They were watching Eric intently as he played "Through the Fire and Flames" by DragonForce on expert difficulty, and was doing amazingly well at it. When suddenly Mike tensed up. "Shush, guys, quiet! Eric, pause that!" Eric paused the game and they sat there. There was a series of soft thumping noises. Shawn went wide eyed and looked from Eric to Mike. "You mean you guys hear them too?" Mike nodded. Amy lifted her head. "What are you guys doing?" Shawn looked at her. "We keep hearing noises." She looked at her boyfriend blankly. "Did you guys ever think that it may be the wind?" Shawn opened his mouth to speak but Mike cut him off. "Come to think of it, Eric used to say how he thought his house was haunted." Shawn looked at Eric. "Yeah right." "No, really, it is. Okay, one night me and my sister were sitting on the couch watching TV, and she got up and went out to the kitchen right? When she was gone the TV flashed to the image of a man standing there on a black background and he looked at me and went 'I'm going to get you.' The whole thing happened in less than a minute and it scared the hell out of me." Everyone was staring at Eric now. "If that weren't enough, I keep hearing those thumping noises all the time and sometimes I think I hear voices. But it's been happening so long I've gotten used to it." Everyone continued to look at Eric. Amy cuddled up to Shawn and made a low whimpering noise. Mike looked around, he was all edgy. "Guys, I don't believe in ghosts and nothing is going to convince me that they are real. Let's just sit here, and be quiet until something else happens." Shortly after Shawn finished speaking, there was a large bang in the corner of the living room. All four of them jumped and looked at the corner. It was silent again. "...Never mind."

Everyone was silent as Eric continued to play Guitar Hero. They were all pretty shaken up from the bang and the thumping. Except Eric. Shawn got up and left Amy on the couch. He stretched and looked around. "I gotta go pee guys." Mike looked at him. "Watch out for ghosts." Shawn let out a nervous chuckle. "Right." Shawn went into the bathroom and flicked on the light. He looked around. He never did like bathrooms. There was just something about them that crept him out. He finished using the bathroom and washed his hands, he then returned to the living room where he found Amy laying on the futon and Mike standing in the corner where the bang had come from. "What are you doing, Mike?" Mike turned to face Shawn. "It's colder over here than it is over on the futon." Shawn shook his head. "You're just scared." Shawn walked over. A chill went up his spine. Not because of the cold, but because Mike was right. It was indeed noticeably colder. "Come on guys, you're just being paranoid. Of course it's colder over here, it's right beside all these big ass windows." Eric turned Guitar Hero off and stood up. "The heaters are on." Shawn looked down at the heaters by his legs and then up at the windows. They were partially fogged up. He put his hand by the heaters then stood up and looked at his friends. "Guys. The heaters aren't even on."

The End

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