Something Above (2009)Mature

Partially based off true events.

A fun day of skipping and hanging out turns into a nightmare for four friends. Will they be able to escape the terror of what lurks above?

  "Come on, I'll be your friend." Whined Shawn Black. He was average height, with medium length, bleach white hair. His gray eyes sparkled in the classroom lights. Shawn was sitting in his morning history class, talking to his two friends at the back of the room. "I don't know..." replied the lanky male with dusty brown hair. He wore all black, except for a single yellow stud that was attached to his shirt. He had the word 'HATE' carved into the knuckles of his left hand. The short boy with blonde hair and blue eyes sitting behind Shawn looked at the lanky male. "Come on, Eric. We can play Guitar Hero all afternoon." Eric Carter's eyes suddenly lit up. "That's a good idea actually. Better than going to afternoon classes." Shawn leaned back in his chair and smiled. "Awesome. Good going, Mike." Mike Parker scratched his head. "But we need more people to come." Eric nodded. Shawn leaned over towards Mike. "I'll grab Amy after we leave this class." Eric shook his head. "You can't be the only one with a girl there." "Yeah!" Shawn smiled. "Then invite some more girls over you tards." Mike leaned back. "Why Shawn, you is a genius." The three chuckled. "Who's Amy anyways?" Shawn and Mike looked dumbfounded. Mike looked at Eric in disbelief. "Amethyst Summers? Shawn's girlfriend? They've been going out for four months now." Eric stared at Mike. "Well...I guess I should pay more attention." Shawn nodded. "Uh. Yeah." With that the bell for lunch rang and the three friends left history, and went to gather their things and to find Amy.

"Guys." Chattered Shawn. The group stopped and turned to Shawn. "What is it?" Shawn was all tense and shaking. "Can we hurry up? It's really fucking cold out." Amy pressed closer to Shawn, her blonde, black, and brown hair shifting softly in the wind. "Aww." Mike and Eric started walking forward. "Don't be such a pussy." Snow began to slowly fall, barely even flurries. The sky was a deep gray and the wind cut through any attempt at a jacket. "How far is it?" Mike shook his head and Eric laughed. "Look, you see that big, pale, cream colored house?" Shawn said he did. "Well that's my house." "Thank God." Replied Amy.


The End

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