He walked over to the nest that he had made on the couch, and got comfortable. He looked so broken, so vulnerable. 

     "You're welcome to sit anywhere. You know that." 

     I milled around for a minute before situating myself on the chair to his right. I remembered when he and I went furniture shopping for this set; we kept walking around, trying out every chair. We must've spent hours sampling the finest of ass comfort. I smirked, wishing I could go back to that day. James must have seen me, because he sat up.

     "What's got you so excited?" He asked, facetiously. I could tell he was a bit uncomfortable with the situation, but, he'd deal with it soon enough.

     "Remember when we went shopping? For these chairs, I mean. You were so obsessed with those UGLY red loungers. It took hours for us to find these!" He smirked, and sighed.

     "Yeah, I remember," he started. "I still wish I would've gotten those damn chairs." He laughed for a minute before his face went dark again. "Jules said she always hated these chairs, too." My smirk faded, hearing him say her name like that; so heartbroken.

     "So...what is going to happen now?" I asked. She was just a leech on his life, but if I knew James as well as I used to, he had some sort of pipe dream he wanted to follow. He clasped his hands, and thought for a minute. I readjusted myself into a position that was a tad less comfortable, yet optimal for standing up quickly, if I needed to stop him.

     He inhaled, and began: "You're gonna call me a dumbass, Em, but...I need to find her. She always went out, and I always found her before. What's one more time, right? I can do it, I can. I just need your help."

     I stood up, just as I had planned to. My fists clenched and unclenched, as I attempted to quickly calm myself. 

     "You need my help? Finding her? Didn't she say she was leaving, James? She doesn't want to be found!" My voice got a bit louder, but it didn't matter. He was being ridiculous.

     "You're my best friend, Em, you need to. No one else will. It's fucking stupid, but I need to at least hear her say it. I need her to tell me we're over." I walked around, contemplating. Why would I help him find the girl who is causing him so much agony? Is it selfish of me to want her to never appear again?

     "Fucking...okay, James. I'll help you. But you have to promise to be okay if we don't find her. Okay?" It was a hard compromise for me, but I had to say something. James nodded slowly, as if hesitating to agree to the terms.

     "Okay, Emma. I'll put together some leads, and we'll start tomorrow. Thank you."

     I sat back down, and sighed.

     "So, should I go, then?" I asked. It was early, and I wasn't going to be back over here until 3 p.m. at the earliest if he sent me home. He smirked.

     "You can stay, if you want. I'll be up for a while, so go take my bed. I'll wake you up when I want to start." 

     I didn't wait for a goodnight, or anything of the sorts. I simply walked into the bedroom, and fell into the sheets. I let my mind carry me away for the night; it'd be the last good night's sleep I'd get for a while.

The End

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