He called me at 3:39 a.m. last Tuesday night. The crack in his voice told me that something was devastatingly wrong, but what the hell did I know? James hadn't talked to me, not seriously, in about three years. That's when he started dating Julia; that's when he started losing me. I picked up my cell, and groggily answered.

     "James, it's 3:30 in the morning, what are you-"

     "She's gone, Em. She left." I could hear him choke back a sob on the other end. "I woke up, and she wasn't in bed. All of her shit is gone, her keys are on the kitchen table for God's sake. She left me."

     I sat up, knowing that I'd have to be up for a while. I inhaled calmly.

     "Are you sure? Maybe she just went out for a while. She does that sometimes, you know that." Trying to keep him calm was always a task, but I managed; and I would always try.

     "No, she left me a note. She's gone."

     "Let me hear it."

     He opened the letter, and let out a sob. I didn't want to hurt him, but I needed to know what she had said. I knew she'd end up fucking him over eventually, why she spent the time building him up for three years prior I'll never know.

     "'James,'" he began in a pained voice. "'This isn't working. I'm sure you knew that though, right? I thought I was happy being with you, really; for a while, I was. But things have changed lately, and I just...I'm not sure that I still love you. I used to James, I did. But love has a way of changing. People have a way of changing. I'm sorry; I left my keys on the table, so you don't have to worry about finding me to get them back. If I've planned everything right, we can just go our separate ways after you read this; I'm sorry I couldn't tell you this all in person. It's really easier this way. If you need anything else, I'm sure your friends can deal with it. Goodbye, Julia.'" He was silent for a while, and then with a sniffle spoke up again. "Emma...I need you here. Please."

     Three years, I've been thrown to the side by him. So why do I find myself grabbing my car keys and heading out of my house?

     "I'll be there in ten minutes, James. Sit tight."

The End

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