Kain: "gets up with all his might and walks to Beerus to heal him with his blood" B...Beerus. 

Beerus: "wakes up" I....Impossible..... 

Kain: "walks to Goku and does the same" Goku.... 

Goku: .... Thank you... 

Kain: ..... "passes out" 

He then woke up at the hospital as Goku, Dina, Beerus and the one to be called Goten's girlfriend was standing over him. 

Beerus: Are you alright? 


Goten's gf: PLEASE DON'T DIE KAIN!!! 

Kain: Im....Alright.... 

Goku: "puts a senzu bean in his mouth" This should help. 

Kain: "eats it" ....... "gets right up" How the hell? 

Beerus: "scratches behind his ear" Yea im still confused about that. 

Kain: I thank you all. 

Beerus: It is me who should be thanking the both of you. You have given me a worthy fight. A fight where I HAD to use 100% of my power. Whis. 

Whis: "appears eating a fruit glass" Yes? 

Beerus: Shall we be going? I think I am satisfied enough and I am afraid that the party is over. I don't see why I should still be here. 

Kain: Who said anything about the party being over? 

Beerus: Hm? 

The time shifted over to them in Japan celebrating. They all click their glasses together saying "cheers" 

Meanwhile over there. 

Goku: Kain.... 

Kain: ... 

Goku: Im sorry. 

Kain: For what? 

Goku: As I was in there.... I seen all of what your life was. All of what makes you angry. Your mark on your shoulder and your need to kill to live. 

Kain: No need to apologize. You all make me happy. "looks Marron" 

Marron: "blushed dark red" 

Kain: How old is she? 

Goku: I think..... 27? 

Kain: Ah. I'll be right back. 

Goku: Wait. What are you??? 

Kain: "walks to Marron" 

Marron: "blushes loudly" uh...uhm....uh..h....hi - 

Kain: "kisses her deeply" 

Everyone grows shocked as hell 

Kain: "breaks the kiss" 

Marron: .... "faints" 

Kain: GAH! MARRON!??? 

Everyone then laughed 



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The End

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