Kain in the picnicMature

Kain appears at the barbecue picnic 

Kain: Hey guys! Im here! 

Goku: Kain! Saved you a seat right here! 

Kain: Awesome. "sits next to him" 

Goku: Want some? 

Kain: Im fine, and dont talk with your mouth full.... wait this is anime. nvm. 

Goten: "eating" How come your one wing id black? 

Kain: Thats right. The sight of you saiyans have stronger senses than humans. I am a half angel, half demon. 

Trunks: Wait. So are you from heaven or hell? 

Meanwhile over there 

Birus: Oddly strange. Have I met that boy before? 

Whis: Perhaps he was on of your opponents in the past? "takes a bite of orange chicken" 

Birus: Nonsense. If that was so he would've been dead.... Or has he made his way back to life. 

Whis: Perhaps. That could be true. Shall we introduce ourselves to him? 

Birus: No. For now we shall eat more pudding. "stuffs all pudding in his mouth" 

Piccolo: "leaning against a nearby tree over hearing the two" Hmmm. 

Im trying to make this real to you guys 

Kain: Hey Goku. Lets go on an adventure. 

Goku: Now? But im too full. 

Kain: Take your time then. 

Krillin: "appears with 18 and Marron" Hey guys, im back.

Kain: Hello. I am Kain Virgo. You must be Krillin. "walks to him reaching his hand out" I am a friend of Goku. 

Krillin: Kain huh? Well a friend of Goku is a friend of mine. "shakes his hand" 

Kain: Awesome. 

Marron: "glances at Kain's beauty" 

Kain: "kisses 18's hand" And greetings to you 18. 

18: A polite one I see. 

Kain: May I call you Clara 18? 

Clara: Uh....Ok... I don't see why not. 

Kain: Yay. Hi Clara. 

Clara: Hello. 

Kain: "walks to Marron" You must be the daughter of the two. 

Marron: "blushes looking away" 

Kain: Don't be shy now. We are all friends, and maybe even more. 

Marron: "blushes dark red and runs off" 

Kain: Oh no, she's gone. Did I say something? 

She runs pass Vegeta and Bulma as he was walking forward 

Vegeta: Kakerot. Please tell me you saved some food for me. 

Goku: Oh, yea. Its right here. "looks to his left and sees the plate empty" What? 

Vegeta: -_- Is this some kind of joke? 

Goten: Hey, don't look at me. "rests his arm around his lover" We're completely full. 

Apparently Goten's girlfriend looked like the maid thats been around Kain. The maid that ran away in the "Kain and Dina" story and became friends with him in the other Kain story. 

Trunks: I didn't do it. 

They looked at Birus eating the food. Once he noticed, he paused and stuffed all the food in his mouth trying to look like he didnt do anything afterwards. 


He then ran to the pool and splashed in it. 

Bulma: Who is this handsome man? 

Goten: He's Kain. He's a 50-50 demon and angel from hell. 

Vegeta: Then how come I never seen him there out of all the times ive been there? 

Kain: I am from a different universe, galaxy, and timeline. This earth isnt particularly MY earth. Shall we go Goku? 

Goku: "tightens his waistband" Just got ready. 

Kain: Perfect. "walks to him" I shall explain further to you Goku. 

Chi-Chi: Hey! Where are you going with my husband?! Its his turn to - -

They both vanished 

Chi- Chi: Wash, the, dishes. -_- 

Goten: I got it mom. 

Chi-Chi: Thanks son. "sighs"  Sometimes your father can be quite careless. 

Goku and Kain both appear in his world 

Goku: So you can travel through different hells from different areas? 

Kain: Indeed. I'll show you later. 

Goku: "looks around" This looks like my earth. How do you know its yours? 

Kain: "points" Cuz of that. 

Dina: KAIN!!! 


Goku: Uuah! 

They both vanish


The End

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