something about it...

the parts that are missing

are silently slipping

into a dark abyss i hung him on a rail

to dry out what he had inside that i missed

not a typical fairy tale

come to find out you lied and you cheated

you shouldve juss told me the truth

fine you won my race are you happy you beat it

i feel like a worthless victem in my youth

i gave you my all

my whole heart

answered on the 1st or the 2nd ring when you call

but my creative loveing loveing wasnt a good enough art

who wouldve knew

you warned me about cheating and what you would do

was are love even true i have no clue

you waste my time

i was in denial

i shouldve considered the signs

but you had a file

to my heart. thats going to hurt for a while.

The End

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