Something About Her

This haunting tale is about a mysterious girl who arrives at a new school. She is not like the others, and she doesn't like the others. Who is the girl-with-no-name?

Something about her…


Everyone turned to stare as she crossed the street. Like all new pupils at the small, run down school, they were always the subject of gossip, always standing out -- the dandelion in the rose bush. For no one knows who they are, where they came from, how on earth they got here… the alien. But this girl, well, she was more different than any other pupil they had ever to arrive at the school.

Just what was it that made her so different?

Was it the way she walked, with long spaces in between each step? Was it her hair, the way it flowed, as black as midnight, to her waist and gracefully brushed her face in the breeze? Or was it her face? How could something be so beautiful, yet intimidating? Her eyes were piercing blue, an odd contrast to her jet black hair. As she strode through the rusted-orange school gate, her lips were a hard line, giving mesmerized pupils cold glares with her icy eyes. The phrase “if looks could kill” came to mind…

Another thing that stood out about her was her height. She was far shorter than the other pupils, by about half a foot. But this downfall did not cease the impact of this strange evil beauty…

Assembly. By now, everyone had heard the news of the new arrival. At a small village like this one, nothing ever goes past unnoticed. Obviously, the hall was buzzing excitedly with the gossip. Spontaneous questions were asked among the frenzied students. All of them were left unanswered.

What’s her name? Where is she from? Where is her new house? I don’t know, I haven’t seen her around, have you? What was her old school? Did she even go to school?!

Biology class, her first lesson at the school. She sat at the back, the desk in the corner that is never used by any other pupil, in fear that they might miss out on a chance to talk with their friends. The teacher attempted to introduce the mysterious girl. As she did so, the girl did not appear to have noticed, sketching a wilting rose on the back of her diary, murmuring illegible words to herself under her breath. The sound was so distinct, so strange, it sounded like she was singing some sort of spell…

As soon as the first ring of the bell echoed through the quiet school, chatters burst through and echoed down the corridors and stairs. The rumble of pupils scraping back their chairs and shuffling down the steps to get the first serve at the canteen. While the other pupils sat together in groups at circular tables, leaning intently into each other’s conversations, she was nowhere to be seen. Occasionally, someone would giggle and look around the canteen, searching for something that was not there. With another giggle, they would turn around and shrug. What a disappointment.  The gossip mutated into a game of Chinese whispers. Accusations fired around the room, getting more surreal with every word.

She’s a witch! Of course she is, didn’t you hear her chanting the spell in class? What do you think the spell was? What if she’s plotting to kill someone! Don’t be so stupid, she can’t be that psycho. I wonder if she has any voodoo dolls.

Suddenly, with a last cunning giggle, the whole room fell silent. There, at the door, was the girl. The illuminating sunlight that shone through the glass doors made the girl just into a ghostly silhouette. The room was so silent; you could hear a pin drop. Impressively, she was frozen in the doorway. A few seconds later she slowly stepped a few paces forward, and glared at every child in the room.

Swiftly, she spun on her heel and headed toward the far corner. She took a chair and placed it under a beam of light, making her facial features even more sinister under the glossy curtain of black hair. The room still more silent than sleeping ghosts, she took out a battered leather book and opened it to a page that had been folded at the corner.

“So you think I am a witch? How interesting…”.

The End

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