Your creativity will get the best of you, and off you go; though with shaking legs that still remember long-gone childhood terrors.

You're in front of him now, your mouth almost  too dry to speak. Still, you try to ask that burning question. No more than a whispered mess of gibberish escapes, yet he seems to understand.

He looks you over, then stands, towering above you.  He reaches into his coat with a gnarled hand, and suddenly you feel a thin object hovering near your throat

Is this how your story will end? Doomed to meet your fate by a pirate's blade?

If you're like most people, you'll shut your eyes, remember some pointless moment of your life, and wait for the cold embrace of death.  

But, I'm afraid it won't come. Not now anyway.

Eventually,  you'll open your eyes, and look down  at what has to be some sort of dagger . You won't be able to understand what it is at first, but once your terrified brain clears, you'll realize what caused you to fear for your life:

  A thin, unopened envelope. 

You'll blink a few times, then look up, into a warm, laughing eye.  

Kaptain, the mail-man, does love jokes.

A bit too much, perhaps.

The End

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