Someplace Odd

This is what happens when a half-asleep girl tries to complete as many word-searches as possible, while sucking on a lime, then running out of word searches, falls asleep, has a weird dream, and gets on protagonize.
Random, but hopefully interesting.

The town did have a name once, but no one can remember it. Sometimes people pretend to understand the faded sign that once proclaimed it; but, still you know, that they can read the sign only as well as you can. 

No one has felt a need for renaming the town, so most of the 20 or so residents simply call it Home. There really are no tourists, only the occasional passerby who made a wrong turn. They tend to call it WhereTheHeckAmI.

On Main Street, you can find an Auto Shop that repairs bikes, and repaints the same old car every week.

Then there's the Green Glass, considered the town's "adult" club, even though the strongest drink it serves is pure lime juice.

Scattered farther down the road, you'll find other shops, a library, a school.

It's  just like any old "everyone knows everyone" kind of town.

Well, almost. They say the streets are paved with word-searches.

The End

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