I know this is randomMature

"Are we going to go on?" He asked again, starting to get unpatient.

"Um..." I thought about it, if I said no he would never shut up about it and keep bugging me. "Okay, I guess."

We both went onto webcam and continiued asking each other questions. And then the questions started to get personal. Like have you ever had sex before and similar stuff.

"I know this is random." Jordan said. "You're pretty."

I smiled then replied back to him. "Thanks."

"No problem. I know you don't want to know this... but my dick is hard." He wrote.

At that moment I knew it was a mistake to have talken to him.

I didn't know what to say, so I quickly said my good-byes. "Ha ha you're right. I didn't need to know that, I have to go."

"O.K. Bye." he said as I exited out of our conversation and blocked him so I wouldnt have to talk to im again.

At lease that's what im hoping.

The End

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