Someone you never expectedMature

The majority of the things that happen in the first four chapters are based upon real things thaas happened about a month ago.
This young girl going into high school starts talking to this young boy who is in their first year of high school and everything gets turned around and her life is on the line.

Everyone double dated and the usual stuff like that. But I talked to this guy on Facebook. We talked, learned more stuff about each other, then we found out that we both live in the same province, vity and everything like that.

"Hey Aly, we kicked ass today. Don't you think?" My friend Amanda, asked me as we walked out of the dug-out on the side of the baseball field.

"Yes Amanda. You say that after every game we win." I commented back to her.

"Ha ha alrity, well my mom's here to pick me up. Talk to you later on Facebook?" Amanda asked, already knowing the answer.

"You know it." Amanda and I talk on Facebook after every ball games we have. Talking about how much we won or how close we were to winning.

Around nine pm I signed onto Facebook to talk to Amanda. I noticed there was a friend invitation. While I was talking to Amada I was looking at his profile because I did not know him, but I thought he was a friend I met at youthgroup a few weeks ago.

"His name is Jordan Longwood." I wrote to Amada.

"Is he cute?" She asked.

"I don't know." I replied. "there's no pictures of him on here, and we have about eight friends in common. Do you think I should accept him?" I asked.

"Well you two have friends in common, so yeah, go for it."

"Alright." I typed as I clicked accept.

The End

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