Soul Chopper

"Annalise Elizabeth Waxton, please at noon go to the middle of the court yard, where we will take away your soul. If you do not come we will kill you." the yoice of Sola said blaring out of the huge megaphone. Those were the first 30 words ever spoken in my prison sell.

I waited in silence for 2 hours, trying to see how I would escape. I can't go out the back, front, or side entrences because they were all surrounded my spirits.

After my 2 hours were up, Sola and the representative of the prison took me by the arm and shoved me into the court yard. The big loud gate closed with a loud thud. 

There in the middle of the yard stood a big ax and a stool.

The crowd(mean) cheered as I took my place on the stool. I had heard about soul removing , but i never thought they would do it to me.

They are just mean, lying, monsters. And when my soul is removed I'll be just like them.When ever I'm near Sola I romised myself I would punch him where no one who was a boy wanted to be punched. 

Sola came up to me and said, "It's going to be fine Anna, you'll like it better when you have super human senses. more than you have now."

"In fact I don't think you can have any super human senses than I already have now." I told him my mind whirling with he thought of having to expirience more pain.

Sola stepped back and looked at me with a stupid look that always makes me so annoyed that i want to punch him right between his stupid lookin eyes. Then he ran off to where ever little boy spirits go , leaving me with another spirit who looked just as sad as I do.

"I'm sorry Anna, I kind of liked you." he said friendlier than I've ever heard anyone talk to me.

He swung his ax at just below my heart.

I winced. All my blood in my body stopped flowing and my heart stopped beating.

I looked at my chest flames of smoke were coming out and slowly swooping into the small body of water in the huge jar the friend man was holding at his side.

It felt as if I was on fire. Slowly I felt my eyes droop. Then they fell closed and I thought they were never going to open again.

Suddenly images passed through my ming one read 1889 newpaper article Boy Found Dead and others read 16606 I saw me in a form I couldn't recognize.

What the...?

The End

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