Someone Took My Life Away From Me

Anna, a now fifteen year old girl is facing death, just because some seers were telling humans about what they could do. Will Anna survive, with no soul to live with?

Ch.1 Flashback

The air smelt of wax and cold. I was in a dark room. Shadows roamed free around me. Oblivious that I was imprisioned here.

I knew why I was here. I did nothing wrong, but they think I would tell humans. I would not, but just to be sure he put me in this God awful place.

Two years ago when I was thirteen, I was visited.

He was neither a person, nor an animal. He was a free spirit.

I remember the day he visited me like it was yesterday.

I was sitting in my room, on my purple love seat my head down on a pillow as I watched ICarly.

Suddenly a little boy's shadow amerged.

"Hello, How are you doing Annalise?" he asked me as if we were long lost friends finally meeting each other after years of separation.

I couldn't speak so I just nodded my head. He probably thought I was a complete idiot.

"Ummm, I guess I'm doing fine, sir." I finally managed to say.

"You need not to call me sir, you need to call me Sola, that is what I'm reffered to where I come from." he said angrily.

"So, Sola why are you here?"I had asked politely, but with as much curiosity as a raccoon and a silver object.

"I am here to warn you Anna, that you are very special. Too special. So by being specialI will have to take something away from you. Something that is worth so much in my universe.........."he said as if he was just saying,"Your dog pooped in my yard, can you come clean it up?"

"Did you know you can see ghosts or spirits like me, can read minds , see peoples future, and much more that I will discover after you have been sent to jail."

"So to get to the point you are3 sending me to jail, Why?"I asked stubbornly wanting him to just get to the point already.

"Well, all the other seers as we call them, are telling little humans about there ability to see us. So we are clearing tho universe of seers. And it is my job to clear this city. Washington, where I used to live before I became my awesomest form......."

"Butttt, no thats not right i think you got it all wrong. I'm just a normal thirteen year old girl." I yelled at him catching him completely off guard,"and you will not take me to jail. Never, will I let you take my life away from me."

"Well, I guess I can wait two years, but when the two years are up I will come to this house and escort you to your new home for eternity."he said as if nothing had ever happened.

With that he vanished into a cloud of dust, leaving me alone to think about the words he just said and how I will run from him.



The End

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