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A story about a pride of lions that I started out of boredom. The stories of Msaka and Uzuri, a lion pair that have to deal with rival predators, survival, and their parents.

Yawning and stepping out of his cave, a male lion left the area where he usually slept with his mate, Uzuri.  But this time, she wasn't there.  Narrowing his eyes and shielding them with a paw to block the bright African morning sun, Msaka looked for her across the plains.  He saw a few grazing zebras and gazelle, but not much else.  The plains were flat and dry this time of year, and there was not much water.  If Uzuri had left on her own, she wouldn't survive much longer out there. 

Msaka suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder.  Turning, he saw Neema, Uzuri's mother.  She was graceful and elegant, much like her daughter.  "Yes?" Msaka asked her.  

"Uzuri told me to let you know that she would be by the waterhole," Neema replied in her soft voice.  "See you later," Neema said, and she turned and disappeared back into the cave.

Msaka groaned.  He had a feeling that he knew what Uzuri wanted.  Only when she made him meet somewhere with her was ever about something important, but clearly Msaka didn't want to visit her.

~ *~* ~*~
"Oh, Msaka, thank goodness you're here!  I don't think that I would be able to-"

"Quiet," Msaka said, interrupting his mate.  She rolled her eyes, twisting her claw around a vine near her shoulder.  

"Why did you bring me out here?" Msaka asked her.  "Oh, you know..." Uzuri looked down at the ground, still twisting the vine until a part of it broke and fell off.  "Stuff."

Msaka sighed.  He knew what was coming.  

"Please?" Uzuri asked him, resting a paw on his shoulder.  "Just... just mate me already!" she suddenly burst out.  Narrowing his eyes, Msaka frowned.  "Why?" he asked her.

Uzuri sighed.  "I... I just want it!" she said.  "I'm tired of waiting for it.  But you're always so busy."

"You... want it."  Msaka looked at her seriously, and Uzuri nodded.  "I do want it," she said.  "Please.  It's been so long, and... the first time, it didn't even work.  I... I'm in heat, okay?!  I can't help it."  

Msaka frowned at her.  "You're saying that you want to have cubs?"

Uzuri nodded.  "Well... why wouldn't I?" she asked him.  "Your father is the leader of this pride.  Shouldn't we, oh, I don't know... extend the family tree?" she purred, flicking her tail at him.  Msaka sighed.

"I guess that I don't have a choice," he muttered.  Uzuri looked hurt.  "You're saying... that you don't want...?" she sputtered.  Msaka's eyes widened, and he shook his head.  "No, no!" he said to her.  "For the last time, I love you, Uzuri, but I've just been so busy lately."  He moved closer to her, narrowing his eyes.  "You know, being the son of the ruler of a pride isn't that easy." 

"Right," Uzuri said sarcastically.  "Well, Msaka, there isn't anything better than... you know... cubs."

Msaka smirked.  He could think of ten things that were better than having cubs.  "As if," he said flatly, and turned to walk away.

Clearing her throat, Uzuri rushed over to him and blocked his path.  "Mate... me," she said slowly, looking her mate deep in the eyes.  "Just... do it.  You know that you want it," she purred, resting her head on his shoulder.

Msaka sighed.  He did want it, but he didn't want cubs, or for anyone else to bother him at the moment.  But he still... wanted it.  "Please..." he whispered to Uzuri.  Grinning, Uzuri got into the mating position, and Msaka started to get on top of her.  But he was suddenly interuppted but a voice, calling his name.

"Msaka!"Msaka quickly hopped off of Uzuri and turned.  It was his mother, Malkia, followed by his father Mfalme.  Oh great, Msaka thought.  What do they want?
Malkia stepped up to her son.  Apparently she hadn't seen him getting on top of Uzuri, who was looking down at the ground, embarrased.  

"Your father wishes to speak with you," Malkia said quietly, and she walked back again.  Mfalme looked his son deep in the eyes, and walked up to him.  Mfalme was everything that a king should be - strong, handsome, and followed by an equally attractive queen.  

"Msaka."  Mfalme didn't sound pleased with his son.  "Do you remember anything that I told you yesterday?"  Msaka thought for a moment, then shook his head no.  Mfalme growled quietly, making Msaka step back a few inches.  "I reminded you that you are now old enough to mate with someone, but you have not yet done it," his father said.  "I have told you that you must extend this pride.  If there is no extension of the pride -"

"Please," Msaka moaned.  "Just... leave," he said.  "I was beginning to mate with Uzuri, but you came.  I don't want anyone to watch it happen..."Malkia turned to Mfalme, and they left quickly.  Uzuri looked at Msaka, and he sighed, inching towards her.

Pushing her down on the ground, Msaka sighed again, and Uzuri just layed their.  Getting in the mating position, he sighed and mated with her.

Uzuri yowled as Msaka began to sit up a bit.  She clawed at the ground, but said, "Don't... stop," as Msaka began to get up.  Msaka sighed yet again and continued, until suddenly Uzuri jumped up and roared so loudly that it echoed over the cliffs and canyons.

"Are you alright?  Did I hurt you?" Msaka asked her, but to his surprise, Uzuri was laughing.  "That... was great," she purred, rolling around in the dust.  "Uhhh..." Msaka whispered, pointing his tail towards several lion cubs that had just entered the area, rolling around and playing.  

"Don't worry," Uzuri growled, stretching in the dust.  "I can wait 25 minutes."
"25 minutes...?" Msaka rolled his eyes, knowing what she was talking about.  When a lioness was in heat, she often mated several times a day with the male, every 25 minutes, for 4 whole days.  Groaning, he squeezed his eyes shut.  He wasn't sure if he could deal with mating her every 25 minutes.

He did love her, though.  He was just worried that he would be causing her pain at some points.  After all, she did roar every time that they "disconnected."  It had to be painful. 

Quietly excusing himself from her side, Msaka peered at Uzuri from behind a bush.  She was giddily rolling around in the dirt like a cub, but Msaka knew why she was doing it.  Sighing, he had to find something to do for 25 minutes.

The End

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