Chapter 7Mature

 There were six people in the small space. Kabira, myself, a girl in my history class called Raven, a boy on the rugby team called Noxius, a girl whos namei didn`t know but who I had lunch with and a boy who I had never seen.

 ``Now that we`re all here, I can explain to you who we are and what we do. You were all contacted by me in some way or another. Now is when you`l`be sworn to secrecy.`` Kabira pulled out a knife that looked ancient and sceremonial. Three girls walked in through the bead curtain on the far corner of the wall. I didn`t doubt for a second that they were all a part of The Fear. Kabira started around the circle. She held the knife to each persons throat and pressed just hard enough that a single drop of blood dripped slowly onto the knife and ten slowly onto a small dish that she was also holding. When she reached me, no blood fell. I had healed automatically.

``May I?`` i asked. She nodded reluctantly and I took the knife from her. I slit my throat open; I didn`t hold back. I heard the gasp around the circle but I just gave my single drop of blood and closed the gaping hole. There was something in Kabiras eyes that told me something. I knew now that she wouldn`t let me leave. I would have to join The Fear.

``We swear by blood that we reveal nothing of The fear to 'Normals'. We will give no insight or acknowledgement of the existance of the group and we will do what is necessary to protect this secret.`` The bloood hissed and was vaporized.

``As you already know, I`m Kabira. This is Maki,`` she pointed to an asian girl with red tips, ``Katayzia,`` she had blonde hair and brown eyes. She kind of looked like a model. ``and Sylennia``. Sylennia was different. She had an edge to her. The others kind of had it too, but not this promenant. She looked ... kind of like me. Her eyes were so dark that they looked almost black and her hair fell to just above her shoulders. She was pretty. She looked deadly. Like the only girl in a biker gang who just happened to be the leader. She watched me with interested eyes and I stared back just as intently.

 ``Psychic.`` she said ``I can see the future and the spirits.``

 ``Necromancer`` this time it was Maki. ``I can bring any being back from the dead. Either just their souls or their whole bodies.``

 ``Visions`` it was Katayzia ``I can make people see things. Make them believe that they`re being haunted tortured anything. they see things that don`t ever happen.`` Everyone looked at Kabira expectantly.

 ``Elemental. I can control all four elements, though I`m strongest with fire.`` she slowly survayed the room.

``Healing.`` I said, wagging my fingers ``I already showed you that.``

 ``Transforming`` said Raven, whos hair then turned from red to blonde back to brown.

 ``Memories and mind control.`` said Noxius. ``I can make people remember things that never happened and I can get them to do watever I want.`` The boy who I had never seen before spoke next, shyly, though he was a big build like a football player. ``Telekinetic? People who move things, isn`t that what they`re called?`` murmurs of yes`s went around the room and he gave a small smile. I later learned that his name was Scading Salazar.

 ``There`s no word that I can think of to to describe what I can do. I have two gifts actually. Levitation is the one I can put a name to. The other is that I can make things come to life. I wake up and my little sisters dolls are sitting on the end of my bed staring at me. they`re alive. It scares me shitless!`` We all laughed half-heartedly at Zafinas` talent, knowing that we`d be scared shitless too.

 It didn`t turn out to be much of a party. More like a meeting. Everyone joined. So that`s us:  Kabira, Maki, Sylennia, Katayzia, Noxius, Raven, Scading, Zafina and myself Aradia. The Fear.

The End

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