Chapter 6Mature

As soon as I walked into the lobby, i knew something was wrong. Cindy the secretary looked like she had seen a ghost and i didn't get the usualy smile from Mr.Marini the janitor. I walked qiuckley to the escalator, fighting the sinking feeling in my gut. as soon as the doors opened, I ran to my apartement. I found my door wide open with a hole in the middle. As i got closer, i realised that there was a note taped to the door.

Dear Miss.Hawkes.,
As you're not home I've had to let myself in and leave a note. Such a shame, I would've liked to talk to you face to face. I hope you don't mind but I went throught your things to try to figure out who you are. I havn't put much together other then the fact that you have an exquiste sense of style, even if you do need more colour in oyur wardrobe. We didn't take anything and nothing should be out of place. Now i'm done with the small talk so here it is. We are the Fear. I am Kabira. We don't have a leader yet, but I'm the highest rank you'll find. Tonight is a night to recruit. There are several others. I have to say, you were by far the hardest to contact. I like that. You don't put all of your information on the internet unlike some stupid girls and you have good friends. I think that Razia was my favourite. When I asked for your cell number she told me "Piss off, i don't know who you are. If you have to come to me for her information then you shouldn't have it" In the end it unfortunately led to me stealing your file from the school. I know about you. I know about your other  school, your past, your father. Obviousley i knew it all before i got my hands on that file, because there was nothing in there about it. If you come to the party tonight, you'll be sworn to secrecy, and told everything. If not, continue with your life and forever wonder who we are and what we do. The choice is yours Aradia. We won't force you to join. We'll just force you not to tell.  -- Kabira

To: Drew

Please come now, my apartement was broken into and i need to feel safe. Please come!

To: Aradia

I'll be there in two minutes babe.

I stared at the door. Willing it to fix itself and close. Willing the note to dissapear. Wishing i had never gotten that invataion. I ripped down the note and shoved it into my pocket. I took a few steps away and leaned against the wall. The ping of the elevatoe sent my hear racing, thinking that the intruders were back, but it was Drew. He ran to me with a worried expression. His blue eyes were filled with concern and his normal perfect smile wasn't in place. I threw myself at him. I rested my head on his shoulder and his arms went around shoulders. He kissed the top of my head, and I burst into tears.

 "Shhh, hon. Let's get inside. Come on." He kept one arm around me and steered me into the living room. He sat me down gently in one of the armchairs.

 "Everything seems to be alright." he said softly.

 "Noth-no-nothing was ta-taken.".

"Then everything's okay. I'm gonna make some tea." I nodded As Drew moved towards the kitchen. Tea sounded good. I took out the note as soon as the door to the kitchen was shut. <i>I know about you, about your past, your father. I know it all.<i> These two lines were what scared me. Not the break-in or the thought of unwelcome peole in my house. I could easily defend myself and I was in no danger of well, anything. But I couldn't change the past, and they knew my history. No one knew. No one was supposed to know! Other then me and my mom, only Jackson knew. They hadn't gotten that information from any of us and it certainly wasn't in my school file . . .At that moment Drew walked in with the tea, and I quickly stashed the note under the pillow beside me.  

 We talked for three hours. We changed the subject and I realised just how much I trust him. I was about to tell him everything. About my past and my father, when I realised that it was 5:00 and the party was starting. It took me half an hour tops to get ready. Drew dropped me off but by the time I got there it was 6:15 and I was very late.

 I knocked on the door three times and a girl with firey red hair was suddenly before me. She wore a black silk dres and her white teeth were perfect as she smiled and invited me in. The room was lit solely by candles that were already giving me a headache.

The End

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