Chapter 5Mature

I took out my phone and texted drew. My 20 year old boyfriend that i had been secretly seeing for the past 18 months.

To: Drew                           five blocks west

To: Aradia                         Damn you're good. God you must have looked sexy when you fought. there was a fight?

To: Drew                            Naturally. How bout you?

To: Aradia                         3 blocks east.

To: Drew                          That took long enough. Fights?

To: Aradia                        Several

To: Drew                          Come over later?

To: Aradia                        You sure?

To: Drew                          Mom's gone till tomorrow, late

To: Aradia                       Be over at three

I smiled. Mum didn't even want me dating people who were 8 or 9 months older then me, so two years to her is a disaster waiting to happen. Me and Drew had met taking over a block. We had both wanted it and it wasn't up for grabs. This was when we were both in gangs a few years back. I was new to the alleys,and new to my gang. My leader Malisha had proposed a brawl.

Every man for themselves.

Knives but no guns.

Cuts but not where they could kill.

No stabbing the chest.

No murder.

Those were the rules. I only remember it so well because it was my first ever fight for territory. This was how i was supposed to prove myself to everyone, and become officially part of the gang. I was sixteen, the youngest there by at least 12 months. People made plans to get me out of the brawl first.  I remember getting puzzled looks from the gang Drew was in and the gang protecting their block, because i had started smiling. Everyone was so serious and then there was me. Anyway, the fight started and several people came at me at once. I pulled my knife from my pocket and beat off four or five people. I must've put more people on the sidelines then anyone else that day. After roughley ten minutes, it had gone from eighteen to four in the fight. Two people were defending the block, another was Dempsey (the leader of Drews gang) and me. The rest of my gang were sitting on the sidelines with nasty cuts and some broken bones. I didn't even have a bruise. 

The four of us circled. And circled. And circled. All-of-a-sudden Dempsey stabbed one of the people defending, he keeled over in pain and was out of the brawl. His partner went insane and went after Drews leader. Before i knew it, there was only me and Dempsey left and he was behind me with a knife at my throat. The conversation went as follows:

"You can't slit my throat"

"Oh really? Says who?"

"Says the rules of the brawl. No murder."

"Well I don't give a shit about the rules. I want this block."

"Well i'm on the same terms as you then. Fight me."

"I am"

"This SO does not count!"

"I'm about to cut you open, how does that not count?"

"It just doesn't. As nice as this conversation has been if you're going to slit my throat, could you please just get on with it?' Even then I wasn't patient.

"Okay" Someone shouted 'No' but really, what difference do words make? My throat was cut and he let go of me, looking smug. At least he looked smug until i turned around, said 'you're really stupid arn't you?' and knocked him out. I healed the cut like i twas no big deal, and i started to walk home. Drew followed me. He basically told me that i was hot, sexy and he wanted me, but i was under age. I was sixteen and he was eight-teen. Mt mom caught us making out outside the lobby with my hands on his ass and his hands up my shirt. He got out of there so fast that i didn't even get his number, just his name Drew Richards.

Five months later i met him again for the same reason. A block that both gangs wanted. That's when we made a duo, and when we started dating. That was 18 months ago. Now i'm 18 and my mom's not home.

The End

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