Chapter 4Mature

I went straight up to the leader and took his gun, along with the right hand man.

"Drop your knives" they all obliged. " Okay so here's the deal, i'm kind of a big softie and i wouldnt feel guilty at all for taking these blocks if i hadn't humiliated you in front of all of these people. So i'll give you a chance to fight for it. One of you against little old me." A girl with scars on her face stepped forward. They looked like they were done on purpose, in a pattern. There was one over each of her eyes and one that ran from the top of her lips down to her chin. it looked strange when she talked.

"You shouldn't have given that option. I'm gunna beat you so bad .."

"What makes you think that? You saw that even bullets do nothing so i dont get where this confidence trip is coming from."

"You don't have a single scar so i'm guessing that no one's taken you up on your offer before. Either they had no good fighters or they just got scared by your stunt, but not this crew. So bitch, bring it."

We walked towards eachother, intentions clear. She threw the first punch. It hit me square on the jaw but i wan't dazed for even a moment and i kicked her in the stomech. After that it was aflurry of fists and feet and blood that would determine the winner and who got these five blocks. I was about to win, knock her unconcious when she pulled out some hardwear. I hate it when girls use cleavage it a pocket. Swiss army knife, she had trouble at first but as soon as the blade was out, she slit my throat.

Blood gushed from the jagged wound. I would've been scared if this hadn't happened on several occasions before. I wiped my neck and as i did the cut sealed. I was oblivious to pain i was so used to it. I slammed her head into the ground several times. I only got up when it was clear that she wouldn't. I grabbed her knife and cut a deep slice into each of herfingers on her left hand. A typical brand.

"So are you gunna show me these five blocks or am i flying solo?"

"I'll make you a deal" the desperation in his voice was pitiful. "I personally will show you the five blocks, just me, then they're yours but we look after them for you. We run it the way you want it, your rules, you stop by whenever and as often as you want but everyone thinks that we're in charge. Then we don't lose our status and you don't have to worry about anything. No one knowing you're growing more powerful ... it hasits advantages."

"Yes, that it does." i thought for a moment. "Done. Keep in mind that you follow my instruction to hte letter. It would really be quite a sad day if one of you were to step out of line." i glanced at their unconcious friend to make my point. I'll be back some other time for the tours, for now run it as you will. You should really check on your friend. She might have a concussion. Later guys, i'm going to a party.

The End

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