Chapter threeMature

I walked through the back alleys. Most people here know me, so they stay away. The one or two brave souls who attempted to talk to me were quickly hushed up. But as i get further from home, i became a strange face on someone else's territory. I found an alley where there were lots of people. There was sunlight and it was nice. I sat down and waited. Eventually a group came up to me. 'Finally' i thought. There's three guys and three girls. The gang leader was a guy with corn rows.

"Hey white girl, what's a rich thing like you doin here? You don't belong in this alley so you're gunna have to leave."

"Just because i'm white doesnt mean that i'm rich, you should see the piece of shit apartment i live in and i'm not leaving."

"You're tough for bein alone, but you're really not smart are you?" he took a step towards me but i stayed at myspot on the wall. I waited for a few seconds before getting up and brushing the dirt off my pants.

"You really dont scare me at all. I may be alone but eight blocks of this city belong to me. Soon to be expanded. And i'm really actually very smart. I just choose to ignore that side of myself." I walked towards him until our faces were a few inches apart. "This block is now mine, along with anything else that used to be yours. Unless you want to challenge that, i'll be back later." I turned my back, which isn't a smart move in any situation like this one. I knew that.

"Hey white girl." Bingo. I turned. Two had guns out, the others had knives.  I just stood there. All girls know the stance that i'm talking about. The one where all your weight is all on one hip and your arms are crossed. The i-don't-have-time-for-this-shit-cause-i'm-better-then-you-anyway stance.

"Well are you shooting me or not because if you are, I'd rather get it over with now so that i can go get ready for a party i'm going to and if not then ima just go now and fina a way to kill some time. Okay?"

"You want to get shot?"

"Well this used to be your territory so i suppose that instead of just giving it to me, you feel obliged to fight for it. I understand, it happened with the other eight. Uh ... so how many blocks do i actually have now?"


"Nonono. Including these?"

"You have eight. We have five. You dont get one of them." That's when he opened fire.

The bullets tore through my flesh easily. I felt the white hot intensity burning my skin, each bullet indevidually bringing more pain then the last. I felt them break through the skin on my back, and i laughed. I touched the six gaping holes in my chest and said "My name is Aradia. Heal" the whole gang was in shock. I wasn't dead. I heard their whisperings 'at least two of those went through her heart' 'how the hell is she alive' 'who the fuck is she' I heard them. One girl was brave enough to voice everyones feelings.

"Who the hell are you?!"

"Hon, i'm your worst nightmare."

The End

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