Chapter 2Mature

The bell rang and believe me, i was the first one out of there. People stared as i walked past. I wore a halter style black dress that fell just above my knees and heavy black boots. My short black hair was styled and my make-up was perfect. I ruled this school. People feared me, people envied me and people admired me. I got into Jacksons cab and paid upfront. It was $13.75, I knew that already.

"I'm going to a party on Sunday, you should come too."

"I'd love to but you'd better ask about tag-alongs. Here, use my cell." I took out the envelope for the RSVP.

"There's no number."

"Then I'd better not go. But your birthday's on Sunday. Will your mom be okay with you not being at home?"

"She'll be fine with it. She probably won't be home anyway and i'll be acting like 'a normal teenage girl' She thinks that i act weird ever JACKSON RED LIGHT! Jesus freaking Christ just becasue i'm talking to you doesn't mean that you need to look at me. Keep your eyes on the goddamned road. I would like to make it to 18 you know!"after about a minute to calm the atmosphere, Jackson continued the conversation as if nothing happened.

"So who's hosting this party anyway?"

"Some new girl. I dunno when she starts, i'm just going to check her out. Make sure she won't casue trouble and let her know who runs Finnigan." Jackson nodded and we drove in silence the rest of the way home.

As soon as i got in i headed straight for my closet. I ended up deciding on bright purple skinny jeans, a long black flowey tank, my leather jacket and black gladiator heels.

Eventually Sunday came. I woke up to a house smelling of muffins, a mom rushing out the door to work and a not left on the kitchen counter. 

Dearest Aradia,

Happy Birthday darling! You are now a grown woman and i am so proud of you sweetie. But i have to remind you not to do anything stupid. You were lucky last time but you will now be tried in adult court. I'd hate to see you ruin your future. I'll be back tomorrow at 9:00 pm from the conference just in case you would like to celebrate without me or if you would like to bring a boy back from that party tonight. Love you lots


I looked at the clock, 12:36 exactly. I had time to kill. I changed out of my pyjamas into my fave black sweat pants and a purple tank top. Up and dressed, i went looking for trouble.



The End

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