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“Aradia, you’re going to be late for school if you don’t hurry up! The taxi’s leaving in five minutes so get a shift on will ya!”

  “Mom I’m coming. I’m dressed, my bathroom things are done and now I’m looking for my wallet to pay for the taxi!”

  “It’s on the kitchen counter! You left it there so that you wouldn’t forget it, now let’s GO!”

  “Alright, alright, I’m coming!” this is the typical morning in my house. Get up, get dressed, do hair, brush teeth and yell through the walls of my apartment. Me and my mum live together. My dad died four years ago. I was fourteen. Since then I’ve kind of... hardened. I used to be into pop music and having a multicoloured wardrobe. Now the only colours in my closet are black, red, purple and grey. I’ve also kind of gained the reputation of a bad ass. I’m the tough chick who you don’t want to piss off. This is saying a lot as I live in New York. I ran my fingers through my jet black hair as I looked for my jean jacket. Upon finding it, I yelled a goodbye to my mum and ran to the taxi before it drove off without me. 

  “Mornin’ Aradia.”

  “Hey Jackson, you know where to go.” We drove in silence for a few minutes.

  “You know Dee, you’ve really changed. I don’t think I’ve changed half as much as you and you’re two years younger then me! God, seventeen. And when’s your birthday?”

  “Four days.”

  “Christ. I think I’ve known you too long to watch you grow up.”

  “Six years.” I agreed.

  “That long?” he grinned at me “yeah, I guess so. Remember the first time you got in a cab with me? You were fourteen and you were yelling at me to pay attention to the road because I was talking to you.” I smiled slightly. I remembered that day.

  We talked until we got to Finnegan High. I paid the usual $13.75 and got out. There were the usual stares and the usual whisperings. Everything was the same as always. But it felt different somehow.

  “Hey Dee, you mofo! Ready to kiss my ass and worship the ground I walk on yet?”

  “Connor you douchbag, I’ll be ready to kiss your ass as soon as your mom is sober for over a year.”

  “She’s been clean for two months, asswipe, get ready to pucker up!”

  “Don’t bet on it, you pussy, I saw her at the liquor store on my way to school.”

  “Damn” I continued walking. I passed Christine the ballerina talking about the upcoming performance of Giselle. I passed Alex and Alex going at it as per usual. I can’t believe that she chose such a creepy guy, but to each his own. Aaron is in the library and Austin is laughing with the rest of the rugby team. As I get to my locker and start applying thick eyeliner and dark lipstick – the two things that I’m not allowed to wear – Austin is all-of-a-sudden no longer with the rugby team and is leaning on the locker next to mine. I ignored him.

  “So …” I kept ignoring him. “Have I ever told you how much I admire you? You always look good, fantastic even –“

  “Cut the crap. What do you want?”

  “We have a major chem. test today and I have no idea what to do. Could you possibly somehow postpone the test? Steal the papers maybe? I hear that you’ve done that before. . .”

  “Bull shit, yeah I’ve stolen some crap in my time but I’m not about to steal those papers. You see, I believe in karma and what goes around comes around so helping a cheater might mean I get cheated in the future.”

  “Please?! I’ll do anything! I’ll get the jocks to stop talking about you, I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend to make the other girls jealous I’ll –“

  “What makes you think that I care what a bunch of egotistical jerks say about me? And buddy, I already rule this school and pretending to be your girlfriend would ruin my reputation so no thank you.”  I closed my locker door and walked straight to first period without looking back at him once. I may have a reputation, but people still come to me for help. Mainly involving some form of breaking a rule or law. My day was normal. People handing out invitations to parties, trying not to get caught with invites such as

                                 Drink before you come

                                               Limited supply of alcohol

 I never got why people hand out their invitations on Wednesdays, or why they handed out invites at all. Is this not the age of technology? I guess it’s all to do with getting caught. Or rather the opposite. If invitations are given out on Wednesdays then no one will look for them because it’s the middle of the week. If they’re on paper then no one can search through their e-mails to find them. I guess it makes sense.

 I got an invitation to every party. It’s not that I’m actually wanted; people are just too scared not to send one.

                       Sally’s Super Sweet 16

                     Saturday 11:45 am - ???

  “Blah, blah, blah.” I tore up that envelope.

                                    1473 51st street

                                        10:00 pm – 4:30 am


                                     Be there or be square!

  “Be there or be square” I laughed “No.No.No.No” I picked up the last envelope


                               Sunday 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm

                         I’m new to this school so I decided to have

                                   a party to meet new people. Food is        

                            provided. No alcohol, I don’t like drunk fights

                         I much prefer sober ones.


                      Building 12, 19th street, New York


  This was a party that I’d be going to.


The End

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