A story about Superman's daughter.

Lois sat at the little table outside the cafe, stirring her coffee. She looked across the to the park and watched. There were several young couple with children in all stages of life. She saw mothers pushing strollers, couples teaching their toddlers to walk, fathers throwing around footballs with their young sons. A deep longing inside of her sprang up. She desperately wanted a child, but understood Clark's fear.

Clark looked at Lois, saw the pained expression on her face. He gently took her hand in his, causing her to look at him. 

"Lois, answer me truthfully. Do you want a child?" He asked.

Lois looked deep into his baby blue eyes. She knew he wouldn't be very happy about her answer, but…

"Yes." She breathed. "I really do."

Clark looked at her. 

"We can adopt if you want." She hurried on. "We don't have to have of naturally. I heard of this great little adoption agency somewhere in-"

Clark cut her off with a kiss. 

"Fine. We can have a child."

Lois' eyes sparkled. "Clark, are you sure?"

He nodded and smiled at her. "Of course."

He kissed her again, and Lois felt like the happiest woman in the world.  

The End

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