Fireflies and Beer Bottles (Sam, Dean, Castiel x Reader PART 2)Mature

     Dean either didn't see you two, or ignored the scene entirely. He and Sam entered the kitchen, 3 grocery bags to each of them. You quickly recovered from the flustering scene, shuffling around until you reached the kitchen to help the boys. When they finished laying the bags on the island counter, you raised an eyebrow.

"Dean? What the hell's all this? I thought you only went for beer and pie?" Opening the grocery bags, you came across not just beer and pie, but triple bacon burger patties, chips, glass jars, and some thin paper covering unidentifiable things, with a fragile sticker.

"We just got the basics. No need to worry. How's about I go fire up that grill with angel kid over there and you help Sam with the groceries?" Dean quickly grabbed the item wrapped in paper and glass jars, Cas trailing behind him as he headed out on the deck.

"So, mind telling me why you took so long to get this? It's not a lot for the amount of time you were gone, you know." You scoffed, placing the beer in the fridge a 6 pack at a time.

"It wasn't me, honestly. Dean made me wait in the car." Sam seemed almost sad about it, which made you curious.

"Uh, why? There's literally no reason for that. Oh hey, do you know what's wrapped in that thin paper in a bag by itself?" You crumpled up the plastic bags, cramming them into a hanging holder with other bags.

"No, sorry, (Y/N). Hey, mind showing me the rooms so I can settle Dean and I's stuff?" Sam walked past you, heading for the bags by the stairs. 

"Of course." You added, beginning to trek up the curved staircase, its aged wooden steps creaking against your shoes.

     You were letting the boys stay in guest rooms on the second floor, while you got the suite on the third. It's not like you were purposely making them suffer with guest rooms, they're still pretty decently sized. Taking your master key, you unlocked the first door. Going in first, you began to straighten the blankets on the bed and open the window so it wasn't as musky. Upon opening the window, you inhaled the fresh, crisp scent of the outside air. Cicadas and crickets chirped all around, and you couldn't wait for a night at the lake. Just as you went to turn around, You felt a hand on your shoulder.

"Sheesh, everyone's scaring me tonight..." You jumped, coming to realization that it was in fact, just Sam.

"Oh, s-sorry, (Y/N). So, you mentioned lake plans earlier?" You felt his hand drift down your back, coming around to lay on your hips.

"Y-Yeah, I did... Would you like to know?" In a swift motion, you turned to face Sam, just being a few inches shorter than him, you peered into his emerald eyes.

"Actually, yes..." Sam responded, not sure what to make of the situation.

"Well, you see..." you began, standing on your tip-toes to be right against his ear with your lips, "you'll have to wait." You finished, rushing out of the room and nearly sliding down the stairs as fast as possible.

     What the hell was that?! You thought to yourself. With your face a burning red and your chest heaving, Dean walked in from outside with greased tongs, bits of burger stuck to them. He took one look at you, and hurried over. He dropped the tongs, their metal clashing with the wooden floor.

"(Y/N)? Are you alright? Are you sick?" He had his hands gripped firmly to your arms, not breaking eye contact.

"I-I...O-Okay..." You stuttered, unable to form a sentence from shock.

"Alright. You need a beer and a nice greasy burger. C'mon outside with me, there's some in the cooler." Dean smiled at you, and picked you up bridal style to go outside. Out of the corner of your eye, you could've sworn there was a glaring Sam...

     Once outside, Dean allowed you to stand again as your eyes drank in the scene around you. Apparently, he'd also bought lantern lights to string up all over the expansive back deck and dock railings. You couldn't contain your thrilling amazement at it all, and slowly began walking around, peering at the different designs on each individual lantern. Once you were done, a thought popped into your head so quickly, you didn't have time to think.

"Where'd Cas go?" You pulled out your phone, zero notifications.

"Well damn, (Y/N), you're welcome." Dean pursed his lips, returning to the grill.

"S-Sorry..." You muttered, before Sam joined you guys outside.

"So, you like the lights?" Sam asked, ruffling your hair. Giving a bashful nod, he seemed to snicker with a sense of victory.

"Yeah, those were my idea before Dean made me sit my ass in the Impala and wait." Sam cast a rather, competitive(?) glare at his brother, who just scoffed.

"Oh! It's time to put my lake plans into play! I'll be right back!" You rushed inside before either of the Winchester's could argue.

     Speeding up the stairs to your third floor suite, you threw open the closet doors with vigor. Walking inside, you traced your fingers along various articles of clothing that had been mysteriously donated over the years. Stopping at a 2-piece swimsuit, you beamed with excitement and changed. Walking out of the closet, you were, yet again, startled by Castiel. This time, you screamed, throwing your hands into fists.

"Cas! What the hell?!" You stormed downstairs, heading back outside to the brothers.

     You'd forgotten to put your cover on, and when you walked outside, heads turned. Granted, there was only them (and Castiel slowly creeping up behind), but it still embarrassed you. Dean let out a whistle while Sam slapped his arm, and the merriment began.


Burgers were devoured, beers downed, and laughter ensued. Once dinner was done, you all began to swim in the lake. Except Castiel, who sat on the dock with his legs hanging just above the water. Swimming below him, you rose up and pulled him in. Sam and Dean howled with amusement on the bank, as the confused and slightly saddened angel just stared at you, before snapping his fingers. You looked around, but noticed nothing.

"Hey, (Y/N), come here! Got a surprise for ya!" Dean called, towel-drying his hair.

"On my way!" You called back, hoisting yourself onto the dock, your eyes widened and blood ran cold in a fit of panic. You now know why Cas had a rare, playful smirk when his fingers snapped. Your top was missing.

     Good thing it was dark. That aided in your dramatic search for your towel, wrapping it around you in a makeshift top, you followed where Dean was headed. You must've been walking for eons, because when you finally found him again, he was standing on a cliff, overlooking the lake and forested area. Dean was standing on a blanket, small candles on the rocks around him gave the area a romantic, yet eerie, pulsating glow.

"Dean? What's this?" You inquired, walking until you were next to him. Looking out, you saw your cabin, and two shadowed figures walking inside the from the back doors. Sam and Cas.

"This is what was in the wrapped paper, why I made Sam wait." Dean unfolded his towel in his hand, revealing a bouquet of white roses, your favorite.

"Dean..." You whispered, as he began tossing a rose over the cliff, onto the water below.

"This one's for every time you've saved my ass." He smiled, scantily making eye contact with you.

"This one's for the time you gave up your motel bed for me when there wasn't enough room." Another rose left Dean's hand, plummeting into the dark.

     On and on, this went. More roses, more reminders of when you were there for Dean, even when he didn't deserve it. When there were no more roses, he bent down, and grabbed a cloth covered mason jar. Taking off the cloth, there was a waxed rose head lined in silver. He handed it to you, using the cloth to wipe tears that had began to trickle down your cheek.

"This is for the first time in my life, someone showed me love." Dean leaned in, placing his thumb on your chin.

The End

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