Fireflies and Beer Bottles (Sam, Dean, Castiel x Reader-part one-)Mature

     You were finally getting something you'd worked so hard for. And in this life, things like that were extremely few and far between. Sam, Dean, yourself, and most likely Cas, were heading out to a large cabin your father had given you before he disappeared. Here, you would spend the weekend relaxing and just hanging out. Sam has been excited to do this ever since you pitched the idea, but Dean didn't like the idea of dropping hunting even for a weekend.

"Yo, (y/n). We've been off the main roads for like an hour. What should I do?" Dean asked, looking at you through the rear-view mirror.

"Take a left up here. It leads to the private road my cabin is on." As you finished your sentence, your phone buzzed in your pocket.

     Checking to see who it was, you smiled at the name that showed up on your lock screen. 'Cas-butt: 1 new message'. Sliding the notification, your eyes skimmed through the message typed out by the angel. "Cas-butt: WhenWillYouGuysBeArrivingAtTheCabin?" You laughed quietly, seeing Castiel had forgotten the spaces. "(Y/N): About 5 minutes out. Castiel, honey, please remember to space your words." Sent. The Impala made the left turn, requiring more force to get up the semi-steep hill that lead to your private drive.

     Once there, you smiled as the view of the cabin came into view. A fun-filled weekend awaited you, and you couldn't wait to get started. Practically jumping out of the car, you went over to Sam who was starting to get the bags out of the trunk. 

"Sammy, can you get my bags?" You asked, digging for the keys in your jacket.

"Of course, (y/n). Anything you need." Sam smiled, as you jumped up to give him a peck on the cheek.

"I'm the one who calls him that..." You heard Dean mutter.

"Silly boys. This weekend will be great." Opening the double doors, you screamed in surprise.

"Hello, (y/n)." Castiel greeted monotonously.

"Dammit, Cas! You scared me!" You walked past the angel, leaving the doors open for Dean and Sam.

     Turning on the lights, vague memories flowed through your mind. You hadn't been here since you were a toddler for Christmas. And still, you wouldn't have known that if it weren't for the pictures that decorated some of the walls and the fireplace mantle. You grabbed the TV remote, turning the channel to happily find that your favourite RomCom was on (those were your guilty pleasure). As you slumped down on the couch, Castiel joined you just a few spaces over. Sam and Dean entered, carrying the bags.

"So, what's up on your list?" Dean asked, setting the bags by the staircase.

"Do whatever for now. My plans don't start til dinner." You called back, enjoying your favourite movie.

"(Y/N), I noticed a lake out back." Sam added on, throwing himself down in a recliner.

"Yup. My plans involve the lake." You responded, not taking your eyes off the screen.

"THERE'S NO BEER. THERE'S NO PIE." Dean yelled from the kitchen, and you facepalmed.

"Then go buy some!" You yelled, grabbing a pillow to scream into.

"Dammit! Come on, Sammy. We'll bring the party back." Dean came out of the kitchen, jingling his keys. You got up to show them out, standing at the front door.

"I'll show you guys your rooms when you get back." You smiled, shutting the door on the boys.

     Walking back to your spot on the couch seemed like heaven right now. It also appeared that Castiel had scooted closer, but you dismissed that thought. As the movie went on, you of course knowing how it ended, sat and enjoyed the soon-to-be happy outcome. Once it ended, you stood up to go get popcorn. Opening the cabinet, you grabbed a bag and tossed it in the microwave. Turning around, you once again screamed out of a sudden scare.

"Oh my god, Cas." You sighed, rubbing your eyes.

"(Y/N), do you mind defining a word for me?" His ocean blue eyes stared through your e/c ones.

"Shoot." You responded, hopping up onto the island counter.

"Why? Why would I need to shoot? I don't mean any harm." Castiel furrowed his brows, causing you to smile.

"What's the word you need defined, Cas?" You allowed a small chuckle to escape your throat.

"Love." He simply stated, looking at you with the same lost puppy expression.

"I-It's when you feel undying responsibility and compassion for someone. Putting them before you, mostly." You responded, heading for the microwave to retrieve your popcorn.

     As you dumped the buttered popcorn into a large bowl, you grabbed a soda and went back to the couch. Another RomCom movie was starting, and you grabbed a blanket that was slung over the couch to wrap yourself in. Castiel joined you, sitting just a few inches closer. The angel seemed to be watching more intently than you, seeing as he was leaning forward. Setting the now empty bowl of popcorn down, you started to wonder why Sam and Dean hadn't made it back yet.

     The movie was about halfway over, when a commercial break set in. You snuggled further into your blanket, enjoying the weekend already. Looking outside, the sun had begin to set, causing shimmers to glide over the lake water. You had turned down the TV, since commercials were such an annoyance. Cas turned to you, his eyes aching to ask another question.

"Yes, angel of mine?" You peered at Castiel, whose gaze softened when you asked that.

"(Y/N), I need another term defined." The angel was now progressively scooting closer to you.

"Go for it." You sat up more, allowing your legs to hang off the couch.

"What is a soul mate?" Great, just what you get for letting the only non-human watch romantic comedies with you.

"A soul mate is someone you believe was undeniably made for you, and only you, to love forever. Cas, why're you asking me all this?" You allowed the blanket to droop on your shoulders.

"Because, (y/n). I think that's what you are to me. I think that this strange, bubbly feeling I have in my stomach is this feeling you described to me earlier. I'm not a fan of shortness of breath, though." Cas's face was strawberry red, as well as your own.

"Cas, I-" You begin, leaning up to meet the angel's face.

"Hey! We're back!" Dean called, bursting through the front doors, you and Cas still face to face.

The End

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