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     This was one of the most intense and physically demanding hunts you've ever been on. Sam, Dean, and yourself had picked up a trail that belonged to a pack of werewolves, and they didn't want to give up easily. Unfortunately, you'd been separated from the pair and were currently being chased by a couple of them. As you forced your legs to carry you faster, you rounded a corner too sharply and slid on the beaten wood floor.

"Dammit, dammit, dammit!" You yelled to yourself.

"Now we've got her cornered!" The female werewolf hissed at you, casting her partner a hungry look.

     This is one of those moments you'd always yelled at movie and TV show characters for doing. Laying on the ground when you could obviously run, while the enemy loomed over you. Struggling to find something that you could use in your defense, the female werewolf lunged at you, managing to leave scrapes on the right side of your face, and some on your neck. Gasping in pain, you rolled over to where your back was to the creatures. Reaching for a shattered piece of lumber, your reach ended just inches from it.

"(Y/N), roll!" You heard a familiar voice, Sam, yell. You did so, rolling out of the way in time for 2 bodies to fall to the floor.

"Dammit, (y/n). You know we're supposed to stay together." Dean added, helping you up while Sam retrieved the silver stakes.

"Oh god, (y/n). You're bleeding a lot. Are you okay?" Sam rushed over, bringing you to a nearby table and chairs, sitting across from you.

"Yes, Sammy. I'm fine. It just stings." You softly chuckled, trying to keep from crying in pain.

"As long as you're alive, that's what matters." He placed a palm on your cheek that wasn't scratched up.

     Dean had left to go pull the car closer, leaving you and Sam to wait on the front porch of that old and battered house. You rested against the house by the door, Sam on the other side. After a minute or so, he walked over and lifted your chin up with his thumb. Sam bent over a tad, due to the slight height difference, and placed his forehead against yours. He silently brushed strands of h/c hair off your face, peering into your e/c orbs. The Impala roared up, and Dean honked the horn an obnoxious amount.

"Alright, alright!" You called, beginning to walk off the porch.

"Up we go!" Sam yelled, picking you up in his arms while you laughed, playfully struggling against his grip.

"Get a room, you two." Dean muttered as you took the middle of the back seats, Sam in shotgun.

"We have one.~" You playfully responded, giggling.

"Not ours! God, not ours..." Dean couldn't help himself from smirking.

     It took roughly 20 minutes to arrive back at the motel. As you 3 walked into the room, Sam lifted you up by your hips and sat you on the counter, walking to get medical supplies to clean your wounds. Dean, after seeing what might unfold, left to grab dinner. Sam brought the med-kit over, setting it next to you on the counter. Dabbing some cloth in alcohol, he dabbed your cuts gently.

"Ugh. Sammy, that hurts." You pouted, puffing out your lower lip.

"Well then, (y/n). Is this better?" Sam set the cloth down, gently pressing his lips to your scrapes.

     Sam left no cut unkissed, as his lips trailed all over the ones on your face, even down to the wounds on your neck. Your hand trailed through the Winchester's brown hair, twirling it at its ends. He then picked you up, leading you over to the dingy motel bed. You both lay under the covers, Sam holding you against his now bare chest, running a hand on the back of your head.

"Sammy?" You whispered, continuing to lay against him.

"Yes, (y/n)?" He whispered, placing a kiss on the top of your head.

"You know I lo-" You were cut off by Dean entering the motel room, the crinkling of food bags along too.

"Hey, would you look at this! Baby brother finally got some!" He began cackling, as Sam sat up in the bed, dead-eyeing his brother.

"We didn't have sex, Dean!" You yelled back, your face a strawberry red.

     As you all ate your food, and Sam put a shirt back on, Dean could not stop teasing you. You must've punched him about a million times now, your face never stopping its blush. As you all went to your respected beds, you with Sam, and Dean in his own, you felt a familiar warm body curl up behind you.

"I love you too, (y/n)." Sam whispered in your ear.

The End

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