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This is a collection of Supernatural imagines/one-shots! Some are current (in the SPN universe), and some are AU's. Code: Y/N (your name), e/c (eye colour), h/c (hair colour), f/c (favourite colour).

     You had been hunting with the boys (and occasionally Cas) for some time now. They had picked you up right after a gruesome hunt, your arm and leg seemingly broken. Sam and Dean cared unconditionally for you, only Dean seemed... more attached. He'd spent the time at the bunker with you during your recovery while Sam was out hunting. Although, you hadn't needed Dean's assistance in those times. For there was one thing that made you immune to almost every form of are a demon.

"Y/N? You with us?" Sam asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Y-Yeah, sorry." You stuttered, shaking your head lightly.

"Are you sure? I mean, we can go outside for some air if you like." Dean interjected with a worrying tone.

"I'm fine, Dean. Just zoned out is all." You'd taken your hand away from its position propping up your face.

"So, since y/n's locket is most likely safeguarded by a bunch of demons that just so happen to be hiding out in a highly populated urban area, I'm sure we can work something that'll expose every demon in the area. That's just to save us from a very time consuming search." Sam flipped more dusty pages of a book.

     The locket that was stolen from you was an item of extremely high value. It was bound shut by a spell only you knew, to keep what was inside, well...inside. It harnessed the rest of your human soul. Every demon was once human, right? You had kept it well hidden from the scoundrels of hell for centuries. But, the King of Hell had ordered for its capture and possible decimation. Meaning, if the rest of your human soul was'd become a full-on freak of nature. You were already a demon, and a very powerful one to keep it secret from the boys for this long. But, that locket is what tethered you to humanity. But of course, neither Sam or Dean knew this. They just had it in their minds that it was important to you, and you needed it back.

"I've gotta go lay down." You sternly insisted, harshly pushing your chair from the table and running to your room.

"Y/N? Come back!" Dean yelled, coming after you but at a slower pace.

     Once you'd rounded enough corners to lose Dean, you closed your eyes. Opening them back up, you were outside next to the Impala. The crisp autumn air wove its way by you, taking some leaves along with it.

"Being a demon does have its perks, I suppose." You whispered to yourself, leaning against the truck of the car.

     Minutes upon minutes passed by, and you were actually beginning to enjoy yourself. That is, until you began to feel a pulsating pain in your chest. Taking in sharp breaths in between the pulses, you finally managed to glance at your chest. Vibrant red and orange was coursing through at a rapid rate. Son of a bitch! The locket! Just as you'd collapsed on the ground, Dean came out.

"Hey! Oh my god, are you alright?!" Dean screamed, picking you up in his arms. Sam came out, too, rushing over.

"Y/N, what's wrong?!" Sam insisted, helping his brother in setting you against the Impala.

"Th-The...the locket..." You stammered, before passing out.

*Time Skip* 

     How long were you out? Who knows. But when you came-to, something immediately was different. As your eyes opened, you were met with a full sight of Dean. He was holding something in his hand... A demon blade?!

"D-Dean...what's wr-wrong...?" You choked, barely able to hold your head up.

"I trusted you, y/n." Dean clenched his fist, tightening his grip on the blade.

"Wuh...what do you mean?" You asked once more, forcing yourself up. You winced once, the pain immediately subsiding.

     As you stood, Sam and Castiel walked out from behind some walls. Sam was looking at you with severe anger, while Cas kept his 'lost puppy' look. Dean, surprisingly, was showing the most emotion. You began to walk toward him with an outstretched hand, but found yourself unable to walk any further.

"Devil's Trap." You muttered, clenching your jaw.

"That's right, you lying monster." Sam spat, narrowing his eyes.

"After everything we've done for you, y/n. After everything I'VE DONE FOR YOU! I LOVED YOU!" Dean was in furious tears, walking towards the very edge of your trap.

"Dean, I..." You began, but was cut off by him.

"Cas here showed up to work his Enochian mojo to expose all those demons. I thought, 'Hey, we might actually get your locket without any trouble!'. But low-and-behold, you were affected. Mind explaining that, y/n?" Dean was no more than 6 inches from you, when you reached a hand to his cheek.

"Dean, you don't understand... That locket-" You, once again, were cut off.

"And that's another thing! Mind telling us what exactly this locket is? Or should we chalk this up under a bad day and send you back to Hell?" Sam brought his hand out, the chains of your locket wrapped between his fingers, allowing the spherical chamber to dangle.

     You wiped a few tears off of Dean's face, before walking to the other side of your trap where Cas had teleported behind. You felt your eyes change to their natural soulless black, and smirked at the angel.'s happening...

"Since baby in a trenchcoat is so helpful, why can't he tell you?" You brought your hand to Castiel's face, flicking his nose.

"What's in the locket is of extensive power. If not disposed of properly, it can cause vast harm to her." Cas seemed offended, yet confused by your comment.

"And what is that, exactly?" Dean sniffled, flinching when you turned to meet his eyes.

"It's my soul, Dean-o." You chuckled, now standing in the middle of the trap.

"What's left of her human soul, that is." Castiel finished.

     Everyone stood in silence as you exchanged glances with the 3 boys, your pitch black eyes boring into their minds. Dean walked into the Devil's Trap, looking at you with regret.

"I'm so sorry." He muttered, before punching you in the side of the head.

     When you awoke, your wrists were bound to armrests of a chair, your legs bound to the chair legs. Sam stood in front of you, a small book open in his palm. His emotions seemed to be level, but you could sense the upset his soul contained. Looking around, you noticed Dean and Castiel were missing.

"Where's my darling Dean and baby angel, Sammy?~" Your voice took on a mimicking tone.

"Dean couldn't watch this, and Cas refused to leave him alone." Sam cleared his throat.

"And what exactly are you doing?" You asked, popping your head to the side.

"Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus..." He began, walking circles around your trap.

"Sam, no!" You screamed, actually fearing for your life.

"Omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio, infernalis adversarii, omnis legio,
omnis congregatio et secta diabolica!" With those words, the chair you were bound to was jerked around harshly.

"Sam!" You continued to plead.

"Ergo draco maledicte, et omnis legio diabolica adjuramus te." Sam brought out Holy Water, splashing some in your face.

     As you sit bound in the chair, pain wracking your body, all you could think about was Dean. How when you'd first met, he'd try to soothe your headache with icecream. How instead of reading stories, he'd read straight from lore books he could find in the bunker. How Dean would always give you shotgun option in the Impala over Sammy. With your eyes closed, your mind recollected each moment you'd had with Dean. Tears streamed down your seething face, as Sam's mouth uttered the final line of the exorcism.

"Sammy, wait!" You opened your pained eyes to find Dean kicking down the door, smacking the exorcism book out of his brother's hands.

"'s too late." Sam responded, choked up.

"I l-love you, Dean..." You gagged, screaming as your body began to burn, expelling every demonic essence from your body.

"I love you too, y/n." Dean whispered into the air, gripping your soul locket in his palm.

The End

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