Some Stories

These are mixed up stories, each is one chapter, so read them wisely.

  A Smile On the Buttons Of My Red Plaid Shirt

  My little rosy cheeks that made people smile at me. What a cute little baby you have Barbara!  Ladies would tell mommy, they pinch my cheeks hard, it hurts but I hold it in and smile back at them. I just wish I could have one just like that! They'd exclaim, ha, they can't do that! I'm not a that. I'm a kid.

    I button up my red plaid shirt and push down the collar. I looked like that Elvis guy daddy has posters of in his room when I don't push down my collar. I forgot Elvis's last name. I remembered it sounded like pretzel or popcorn. I crawl down on the carpeted room floor and slide my way over to mommy and daddy's room.

 When I reached, the door was open so I slid right in on my belly. I saw their newly painted walls, blue and white striped, kinda like daddy's " man underwear" he calls it. Daddy and mommy's room didn't have a carpeted floor like mine so it was easier to slid on. He was on the computer humming something like A Shave and A Haircut over and over and over again. I heard him click the mouse rapidly, so I guessed he was playing Bob The Button so I jumped off the floor and ran to him.

  Daddy must of heard me coming in cause he wasn't surprised when I jumped right in front of him. He grunted softly, mad-like. I asked him what was wrong.

Daddy explained that he was on this website called Ebay or something and was bidding for a famous penny or something cause he collects them. And he didn't get it. I read the screen and said,

" Daddy? Why is your computer name: BigDaddy443? I'm gonna tell mommy."

Daddy smiled and called me a tattle-tale and tickled my nose.

At night after a meal of noodles, I feel asleep. I heard someone talking,

"Hey little one, wake up! Wake up!"

It couldn't have been daddy or mommy cause the voice was very tiny and like Elmo. I asked who it was, "It's me! The button on yer little shirt!" 

I looked down on my red plaid shirt, and sure enough, there it was! A talking smiling button. He said his name was Sheldon. I told him my name.

  Sure enough, we were best friends forever.

The End

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