I Think That I Would Fall in Love

I think that I would fall in love
If someone played for me
A song that he had writ himself

I think that I would fall in love
If he told me I
Should stop loving him the moment that
An end is reached for pi.

I also think I'd fall in love
If he spoke to me
Not with just the spoken word
But with those notes and keys.

But I think, most 'portantly,
I'd fall in love if he
Took me as the way I am
And loved me just for me.

He would not need smarts or skill
To capture my esteem.
Though it's nice, these things to have,
One can only dream.

I'd only ask of him to have
An open breezy mind
To give a chance, the things I like,
That satisfy my mind.

I would also try to do
That I ask of him.
It's only fair to do my part,
Not skirt around the rim.

If he's not one for 'Roque music
I hope he'd give it a try.
Likewise, if he liked a certain food
From it I'd pr'olly not shy.

I think that I would fall in love
If Fate blew love my way.
I'd only hope that once it came
With that love I'd stay.

The End

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