The Earlybird Queen

I have been deemed
The Earlybird Queen
On the grounds, it seems,
That the hour I wake's obscene.

I wake up at five,
Ere the sun arrives,
Before the sane are 'live,
But that's the way I jive.

My friend has deemed me
The Earlybird Queen
I don't want t'cause a scene,
But I see what he means.

How many pea-pells
Wake, bright as bells,
At five?  It sure is hell
For most who do't, ill or well.

But the way I've seen
I, the Earlybird Queen
Have fallen into routine
That makes me e'en

Happier than most
Because, (I'll try not to boast)
I usually get almost
All my piano practice up coast (?).

The day's then free
For use by me,
The one who's been dee(med)
The Earlybird Quee(n)

The End

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