Some cupids kill with arrows, some with traps

A new play's being put on at school, and Em's the leading lady. The thing is, her leading man is Jack, and their story is full of hate. Can they overcome their feelings for one another to pull off the show?

This was quite possibly the most boring English lesson I had ever had in my life. Yeah, sure, I liked English, but Miss Daws was a crap teacher. Drama was my passion.

"Class, quiet down now!" Ms. Stanley, the head of the Drama department had just come into the room. " I have an announcement to make." She looked quite pleased with herself. "This year, the school has decided that we will be putting on a show for the first time in years" I grinned. The Drama department had been falling apart after having the budget cut time and time again. This was just what it needed to gain more students and geet the budget raised.

"The show will be Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing" Miss Daws continued smoothly, managing to control the class for the first time since the beginning of the year. I gasped. Much Ado About Nothing was only my favourite play! I had to audition, no way in hell was I not!

The rest of the class groaned. I quickly hid my excitement under a mask of diappointment. No way was I getting caught for actually wanting to do this. I looked over at Alice and grinned. I knew she'd be going in for it, it was so obvious. She poked her tongue out at me and returned her attention to Ms. Stanley.

"Auditions will be next Thursday. I expect to see all the Drama students there and I hope the rest of you will turn up as well." With that parting message, she flounced out of the room in true drama queen style. I stifled a giggle and leant back in my chair, waiting to the bell to go so that I could leave already.

I tapped my foot impatiently and jumped as the bell suddenly went off. It always got me. I slung my bag over my shoulder and legged it out of the class room before I could get caught in the smush.

"Come on Alice" I sighed, looking at my watch. Either she'd got stuck in the smush, as always, or she was talking excitedly to Miss. Daws about the show. Most likely the latter. I leaned against the wall and tipped my head back to stare aimlessly up at the ceiling.

"Hey Ems, see anything interesting up there?" I smiled. It was Jess, my other best friend. The three of us were known as 'The Terrible Trio' mainly because we terrorised the bullies and gave the other kids a chance.

"Nope, just white." Jess laughed.

"Where's Alice? Everyone else came out already." I looked at her and grinned.


"The school's putting on a play." She screamed. "Jeesh woman, don't kill my eardrums!"

"Sorry." She smiled apologetically. "But still. What play?"

"Much Ado About Nothing" She immediatley started begging me to audition as Alice finally emerged from the classroom, who then joined in as well.

"Guys, you really think I wouldn't audition for my favourite play of all time? Seriously!" They looked a bit sheepish.

"I'm going in for Hero" Alice jumped up exictedly.

"Awesome. What about you Jess?" I asked my curly-haired friend.

"I don't know, I think I might go in for backstage work" I shared a look with Alice. Jess always had a sketchpad under one arm, a smudge of paint on her face or her hair held back with a paintbrush. In this case it was the paint.

"Ya think?" We chorused together. Giggling, I linked arms with Jess and Alice as we set off down the corridor. Suddenly I stopped dead in my tracks. It was them. Jess bit her lip and glanced over at Alice, who then nodded before they dragged me away. I sent a glare at the two guys who had just turned round the corridor and muttered under my breath

"One day...One day"

The End

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