The old wind chime alarms began to sound. The earlier sacrifice of Amina’s sister had failed. Amina hated the village elders for resorting to such an old way. Sacrifice! How would that ever help? Gathering her things together she could think of nothing more than to protect her sister’s daughter. She was a young half breed girl; beautiful and intelligent beyond her years, but shunned by the village for emitting a strange glow. Not even Amina could understand it, her sister wouldn’t talk about Ellna’s father but none of that mattered. Ellna was all she had left and she would protect her.

              Watching the tribe run about in confusion, Ellna sat in silence at the end of her mother’s bed.

              “I hate them,” she spoke with a distant malice.  Amina stopped and wiped the red moisture from her brow. Ellna looked at her with judging eyes, “I was awake, when you lead them to her.” Amina dropped her bag, angered by the comment.

              “What would you know?” she spat back.

              “I heard her screaming as she fell,” Ellna continued, devastated.

              “Stop it!” Amina collapsed to the floor curled into a ball and started to rock back and forth, “you have no idea how hard it has been for me in the village.”

              Ellna was wide eyed and overcome with rage.

              “No idea?” she shrieked. The words echoed throughout the room, her braided hair started to flick and lash out. It was all too much; the tribe, her mother’s death, her traitorous aunt, it was a weight she could not bear. The more she thought about it, the more lost she became, “get out!”

              Amina was transfixed upon Ellna’s living hair, “devil. You should have gone with your mother!’

              Energy started to seep from the flicking braids creating a deafening screech as though thousands of birds were attacking the air itself. Pale blue tears ran down her face and her body started to glow iridescently.

              “These memories; I want none of them!” Ellna cried. No longer conscious of what was happening she projected a spiral of energy around her body. It started to expand and contract in tandem with her breathing. Villagers stopped and gathered unsure of what was happening, within seconds, talk of Ellna bringing them salvation from the ever impending creature filled their hearts with something to hold onto.

              “I want none of them,” she whispered tearfully.  The spiral shifted colour from a passion filled purple to a lonely and desolate black. A villager, over anxious for Ellna to help, rushed to her side.

              “Come my dear, this way,” he reached for her arm.

              “I want none of them,” she uttered the words again. The spiral disappeared and a deafening sound filled the valley causing the entire village to cover their ears in pain. The unrelenting screams of her mother’s death were now the only thing occupying the minds of everyone around her. One by one the screams overcame them until she stood there alone. She fell to the floor overcome with emotion, unable to talk, she looked around; distressed by the bodies laying about her she covered her eyes in confusion.

              “Where am I?”


The End

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