It was coming. He couldn’t see it yet but he could feel the dank moisture that was now gathering. Chills shot down his spine as he lay there thinking of what was to come. Droplets of tiny red tears rolled down his breathing unit gathering into an empty container. It was a vile tasting liquid; heavy with iron, but with no water within days of here; it would have to do. Turning up the power on his breather, he lay listening, just a few more minutes. The air became still, nothing moved; the whole planet seemed to wait in an eerie silence.

              He focused hard; reaching out with his mind to see in which direction his overdue meal would be coming from, the north! Shit I’m in the wrong place. He shot up and ran towards the chasm wall that he had been laying within, focusing on the task at hand. His movements became fast and agile, effortlessly scaling the cliff’s face, it’s getting easier but I’m still not accurate in my predictions. Thinking now of only running, he covered distances in mere moments, removing the lid off one of the containers he drank the glistening red liquid, struggling to keep it down he continued forward, that should give me some time.

              He reached the northern chasm and noticed the creature below. The ground, the moister in the air, even the limited life around started to freeze into blocks of red ice as strange waves pulsed from its body. With every pulse the creature changed shape; at one moment it was a ball, the next it flattened out covering the entire area under its shimmering mass. It wasn’t the creature itself that was needed but a sack of red liquid hidden in its ever changing body. Delano’s stomach groaned as he thought of eating the tender flesh coating the sack, I haven’t eaten in days.

              Following the creature from atop the cliff he noticed a Nivinsion. The figure was dressed in ornate clothing with marvelously braided jeweled hair, what is she doing there? Probing her mind the answer was all too grim, a sacrifice. Anger surrounded him and dazzling blue arc’s lashed out scarring the ground.

              “Idiots, that’s not going to help you,” he muttered to himself. He saw images of their village which was cut out into the cliff walls lying in the path of the now ball-like creature, “They’re done for.”

              At that moment the woman jumped; falling towards the creature. Delano left her mind, with the resounding screams stuck in his head.

              “Idiots,” he raged. She passed though the translucent body and shattered into tiny red pieces as she struck the ground.

              “Looks like it’s my turn.”

              He opened his remaining container and drank to the last drop. He had studied the creature before and slowly learned how to mimic the pulsing effect, though it was done only in practice. To do so it used all the water his body could offer. If he failed to set off a pulse of his own he would be frozen by the creature’ and join the Nivinsion in a few hundred glistening red pieces on the ground. If he missed the sack his body would die of dehydration but he needed food. He had many ways to die lying in front of him; everything was hanging on his abilities, abilities he only recently discovered. About four seconds, that’s all the time I have before it changes shape.  He closed his eyes, feeling only for the sack, and jumped. His body started to glow a pale blue as he forced all the energy he could to surround him, its coming, the creature changed shape, unleashing a devastating pulse freezing everything in its path.

The End

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