Solomon's Temple

A little piece about the night I walked up to the Temple with my Labradoodle, Roxy.

Roxy and I darted away from the attacking werewolves and ducked down behind the slope where my sister Ellie was already hidden. The moon lay low and yellow behind us, the temple leaving a large black silhouette imprinted on it's face. The only shelter between us and the small tower were a scattering of small, crooked wisdom trees.

Ellie and I moved forward cautiously with Roxy on our heels. We knew that if we didn't get to the temple soon, she'd succumb to the power of the moon and we'd loose our friend forever. Luckily, we were now only a few metres away and once we got to the top of the tower, the curse would be lifted and she'd be free to live her normal doggy life. I just hoped that we get there in time before we were devoured by the other werewolves.

"We have to keep moving!" I cried to Ellie as we sprinted across the field. She was a little way behind but Roxy was at my side, lashing out at any werewolves that dared to come close enough.

"I know!" she screamed back. "Don't let them bite you; if they do, we'll turn too!"

I turned round to see where Ellie was but instead of spotting her, I saw a large pack of wolves bounding towards me, their fangs beared and their powerful claws sending the turf into dirt clouds behind them.

"Roxy, run!" I screamed, propelling myself forward at full speed. I wanted to wait for Ellie but I couldn't; if I did, the wolves would catch me and I'd be gone in seconds. Maybe they'd devoured her already? If they had, then I was Roxy's only chance.

We kept running until the temple was just a few feet ahead of us. Glancing back, I caught sight of Ellie  running alongside the wolves and yelped in relief and fear for her life. I urged Roxy forward but when she saw that Ellie was in danger, she turned around and growled at the oncoming werewolves. Though Ellie was the obvious target, the wolves didn't pay any attention to her; they were too interested in Roxy.

"Rox, come on hun, we have to get inside!" I cried. She didn't listen and instead chose to carry on glaring at the wolves. I wanted to run forward and grab her but was scared that they'd lunge and bite us both. My fear was the only thing that held me back.

The wolves stayed in place for over a minute before making their move. It came unexpectedly, just as I had begun to consider the idea that we may get out of this alive. It was Roxy that caused it; they saw her twitch and they attacked. Every shining claw, sharpened tooth and bloody snout dug into her, infecting her with the dreaded werewolf genes. She changed within seconds; by the time the woves had pulled away, she was one of them.

"Roxy!" I screamed as I looked into her newly yellowed eyes. "What have they done to you?"

She snarled an inhuman snarl and lifted her head to howl at the moon. The howl echoed around the field, and the forest, and the quarry, and shattered the hearts of those in the town below. I wanted to cry, to scream, to shout, but my survival instincts had already taken charge and I was running towards the temple.

"Get inside!" Ellie shouted at me, "Make her follow!"

It seemed that Ellie and I were thinking along the same wavelength. I stumbled up the steep steps and onto the roof of the tower, then screamed down towards the dogs below. "Roxy dog, come and get me you crazy mucky pup!"

She glanced up at me then howled in excitement, just as I'd expected her to do. She may have been a werewolf but that could never have changed her hyper personality. Her over-sized body came bounding up the stairs along with those of the other werewolves, and they appeared as the dogs I knew and loved. Ellie followed up behind, beaming from ear to ear.

"Oh Roxy, I thought you'd lost me, girl!" I smiled, almost falling over in my efforts to hug her. She licked my face and pawed at my clothes but i didn't mind; my Roxy was back and we were safe.

The End

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