As the other couple leaves the room Becca reaches out and takes Andrews hands in her, the look on her face as she looks at him as sincere as can be, "I am all yours Master Andrew, in all ways, anyway, whatever you ask of me I will do."

Andrew, somewhat over the initial shock of recent revelations, nods and says to the girl, "I think we should start out with something simple and talk a bit, let me see just how to proceed."  Pointing at the door, to the room across the hall, the music still coming from it, "Let's start with a dance, something slow and close so I can at least make some discoveries about you."

Becca nods and steps back, still holding his hand, allowing him to lead to the other room, the music changed to a slow quiet beat, his arm slipping around her waist, pulling her close as he places his other arm around her and they begin a slow, intimate dance.

Andrew is well aware of her charms and her curves as he holds her close and they dance slow circles around the room, finally speaking softly he asks, "You will have to pardon my confusion, I am not well versed in these things.  I do understand what you offer, what is meant by 'anything', but I am still in the dark as to the why you would offer."

Becca grins and says simply, "I was Master Adams, in all ways, doing for him as I offer you.  He has always been more involved with Kat however.  This opportunity presented itself and I see it as a way to step back gracefully, to not be in the way of them, but to still have a Master."

She is silent for a moment before she looks up, stretches up and kisses his cheek softly before she finishes, "I am a slave, I have been and am willingly so, I am not comfortable having choices and decisions, I wish to please my Master, and if you would allow me, I would show you everything I offer were you to wish to take that place."

Andrew looks at her as she speaks, still not quite certain but after having held her this close for this long he is certainly willing, if not needing, to find out.  He stops moving and meets her eyes with a wry smile, "I believe that I may just have to take you up on that offer, a preview as it were."

Stepping back, his hands sliding around her waist, he looks towards the door.  "So tell me where you would be most comfortable, should we retire to the sitting room or the bedroom, there is an indoor garden, and a pool out back."

Andrew considers again, wondering the options and then takes her hand, leading her from the dance hall into the front hall, heading towards the back of the house opening another door that leads to a greenhouse of sorts, a groomed indoor garden, hedges, paths, benches.  Many places that a person or couple could sit in privacy.

Andrew continues to guide her, a path to one side, leading to a small circular enclosure, a rose covered trellis the only opening, a curved padded bench inside.

With a smile he guides her to center of the area, facing the bench and then moves around to sit down in front of her, letting his eyes roam over the lovely woman's curves, his eyes meeting hers again and he says, "Let me see then, show me just what it is you offer."

Standing there before him now, waiting for him to state his desires, then with a slow, practiced movement begins to remove her clothing, opening her shirt, tossing it to the end of the bench, then slipping down her skirt, letting it move slowly past the flare of her hips before it drops to the ground, leaving her standing in just her bra and panties.

It is not long before they are also dropped to the ground, the pile picked up then and moved to set on the bench with her shirt, then she moves close to Andrew and stands straight, nothing more hidden from his view, the lovely swell of her well-shaped breasts, her slender waist then the widening of her hips, every inch of her inviting, and offered.

She does not wait for a command this time, going to her knees before him, settling in to an open position, knees wide, back straight, head held high.  With a smile she says softly, "Does Master like what he sees?  Would he have a command for me, something that could please you?"

Andrew watches her strip, enjoying the show more than he could have expected, his eyes moving to watch as each inch of sweet flesh is exposed, each moment building his excitement.  When she drops to her knees and settles into that position he is surprised to find that he had not been taken to the limit of excitement yet, his body reacting, the front of his pants visibly tenting.

Barely able to answer her at first, almost missing her questions as his mind races he answers quietly as well, as if speaking too loudly would break the spell, "I like very much, and there are just many something’s I could think of that would please me to have you doing."

Leaning forward a bit he reaches out, his hand moving to stroke her hair, then slipping slowly down, touching her shoulder, then her breast he says, "Perhaps we should start by seeing just what those lovely lips are capable of, as you are in a wonderful position for that already."

The smile she gives at his comment is electric, his body reacting instantly, having to grip the bench front to keep some control.  He watches as she moves forward, still kneeling, her trim body moving close, his legs moved apart, so close now he believes he can feel the heat from her as well.

Her eyes never leave his, the smile unwavering as she says quietly, "Master Andrew, may I use my hands?"

Andrew looks puzzled by the question for a moment, then nod his agreement, licking his lips at the sight of the beauty between his legs reaching up to gently release his belt, opening it slowly.  He is convinced that her every move now is deliberate, meant to excite him and, were he able to read her mind he would discover that he was right.

The button opens now, her fingers working the fabric apart as she starts to move the zipper down, the slight jar of each tooth releasing runs through his hard member and straight up his spine.

His pants opened fully, she reaches to each side as she says, "Please lift up Master Andrew, and let me get these off of you so I can enjoy you with no restrictions, “she gives a grin and adds,” at least not at the moment."

Lifting off the bench a couple inches he holds there, her hands moving down, drawing with down his legs not only his pants, but his shorts as well, exposing his erect manhood.

No sooner do his pants hit the floor then Becca is reaching up, her hands running up his thighs, reaching his shaft, her fingers wrapping around it and starting to stroke, her other hand moves down and begins to gently massage his sac.  Her mouth is occupied during this time as well, placing soft kisses and licks on the inside of his thighs, working her way with exquisite slowness, seemingly designed to keep him wanting.

Her mouth finally reaches his member, her tongue moving up and down the length of it several times, covering a different area each trip.  By the time her lips finally move around it, taking it into her mouth, Andrew is unable to do more then watch and sigh with pleasure.

She takes him in until the head of his shaft brushes the back of her throat, the promise of what is yet to come then pulls back again, her eyes up watching his face, one hand on his waist, the other toying with his sac. Pausing at the ring at the base of the head she swirls her tongue around it before moving back down again, teeth grazing him, then just her lips as she takes him a little deeper, the tightness of her throat breached by him as she swallows, giving him an added sensation before once again pulling back.

Becca takes her lips from his shaft and, looking up into his eyes with a smile she asks, "Is that what Master Andrew had in mind? Would you have me continue or would you like to sample more?"

Andrew is enraptured by the events unfolding, the lovely lady kneeling at his feet, willing to give him whatever pleasure he should desire, at this very moment her lips, tongue and teeth work his manhood, her hands touching and caressing.

As much as he attempts to retain a calm exterior she slowly works her way through it, his body reacting hips moving to meet her.  Even when she draws back to ask her question his body moves and with a deep breath he manages to say, "Finish me, if your offer is good, there will be time to explore later."

Her eyes lower, a grin on her face as she once again takes his member into her mouth, her hand moving on his thigh and now toying with his sac, her movements becoming more intent on bringing him to peak, to show him the pleasure he wants, that she can so willingly give.

Once her full intentions are tuned to her pleasurable task it is not long before Andrew is at the edge, his hands moving automatically to her head, pulling her, urging her to finish as he pulls her onto him as he groans loudly, his release splashing into her mouth and throat.

Other than her working even harder there is no indication that he had released, she takes and holds him deep as she swallows the load, her throat milking him before she pulls back and looks up at him with a smile, "Master enjoyed I hope?"

Breathing hard he looks down and smiles, "Very much so, I have not felt something so nice in a very long time."  He moves his hand through her hair gently as she presses into it, looking as content as he for the moment.

The End

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