A short time later, dinner done, dishes left on the table to be cleared by the staff in the morning the group moves back into the sitting room. Andrew turns on a few more lights and, with full bellies and a bit more having been drunk with dinner, everyone settles into their various seats.

Adam looks at both the ladies and gives each in turn a smile before leaning forward, and looking pleased with himself he says, "Andrew," pointing at the dress form, "tell me again what makes you think that...Mandy... is better than either of these two ladies."

Andrew looks over at Adam for a moment, a slight look of surprise crossing his face for but a moment before he answers, "We only talked of that a few week or so ago, apparently it's not my mind that has gone somewhat."  He chuckles then continues, "But for the sake of the ladies I will state my reasons again."

Looking at each of the lovely ladies, Mandy included in that gaze, Andrew begins, "My dear Mandy will never argue an idea, never disagree with me, will either join me or let me be as I wish, never needy for attention nor will she nag me to take care of things."

Taking a breath he adds before Adam can say anything, "I fully realize that there are certain things that she does not take care of as a real woman could, you were quick to point some of them out the last time we spoke of this Adam, but at this point in my life I find that the positive points outweigh the negative."

Adam sits thought the explanation, a look on his face as a chess master that has just watched his opponent step squarely into a trap.  "Andrew, what if I were to say that I know of at least two women that could fit your description, that would do as you wanted in all those ways but were also able to take care of your other needs?"

Andrew gives a questioning look for several seconds this time, his eyes travel to Adam, to Kat, ending on Becca, looking at her with a bit more interest now, taking in her features more even as he says, "If I am to assume that you mean these two I would not think that you would be here to demonstrate."

Slipping his arm around Kat and pulling her a little closer, protectively he Adam says, "Actually, you almost have that right, the three of us have a little different relationship then most people could understand, and I would explain it to you Andrew, but it would take some time," With a nod toward Becca he adds, "but for now let it suffice to say, your term, demonstration may be more right than wrong."

Becca in the meantime has stood up from her place at the end of one of the love seats and moves to stand before Andrew.  The smile on her face, the stance, hands lightly on her hips as she meets his eyes, somehow managing to look both forward and coy at the same moment she says quietly, "Master Andrew, just what would you like me to do to show you that Mandy is not the best choice you have?"

Adam smiles as he watches Andrews expression, for the first time in the years he has known him a look of surprise and, for a moment at least, speechless.

Andrew looks at each of his guests, Adam, then Kat, then Becca, considering the implications and just what this offer involves.  Looking at Becca he says, "My dear lady, before I answer that, perhaps you could clarify just what you intend so I do not take your meaning too far."

A brief glance between Becca and Adam, and she smiles and steps closer, standing near enough that he can smell her perfume and looks up to meet his eyes and speaking softly, just above a whisper, "Master Andrew, I offer you whatever you wish, there are no reservations or limits, I am yours."

Andrew looks at the lovely woman before him, still considering just what is being said as Adam says, "Andrew, perhaps this would be less difficult were Kat and I to leave you alone, I think I can find my way to the guest room so you and Becca can discuss this privately."

Taking Kat's hand he gives a smile, then looking at Becca says, "Your offer and limits are your own, I am taking no claim on you until you choose to return."  With that he turns and leaves the room, moving off into the house, the sounds of footsteps on the stairs as Andrew and Becca are left alone.

The End

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