The next week or so goes quickly for Adam, his girl, Kat, had contacted Becca who was willing to take part in this in the name of adventure. The ladies had met for lunch and shopping for the proper clothes for the evening, Adam choosing to stay clear of that and instead goes in search of a proper bottle of wine.

Andrews’s house on the other hand was a bit more active, he had called in some hired help to clean the house and take care of a few other things, a little tending to the lawn and garden, a little work on the hedges and such.  He had even secured a lady to come to cook and serve a proper dinner for that night.

Of course, through this time, more than one of the workers heard the sound of music from the ballroom and if they looked would see Andrew dancing about the ballroom, a look of quiet happiness on his face as he and his inanimate friend, Mandy moved around the floor. Talk amongst themselves they did, but said nothing to the man that was paying them, so what if he was crazy, his money spent just fine.

The appointed time and day arrive, the mansion looks better as Adam, Kat and Becca come up to the gate.  Adam opens it, almost happy when it gives the anticipated squeal, stepping aside to let the ladies pass before him, giving a slight grin to himself as he gets a view of two lovely shaped rears gently swaying in front of him before he moves even once more, escorting them toward the door, the music from the house reaching gently across the recently manicured lawn.

Inside the house, Andrew had adjusted the sitting room across from the ballroom to be comfortable and cozy, the bar stocked and ready, the music from the ballroom just loud enough to be heard, not overbearing.  Mandy has a spot in the room as well, conspicuously placed at the end of one of the love seats, dressed perfectly in a black cocktail dress, every seam straight and neat as a pin.

At the knock on the door Andrew moves down the hall quickly to let his guests in, pulling the door wide with an overly done bow and hand stretched into the hall. "Come in, come in," he says standing and looking at the trio.  Smiling at Kat he takes her hands in his and blows a kiss across her cheeks, "It's been far too long my dear, you are more than welcome to come visiting with Adam," adding with a wink and a smile, "or without."

Adam shakes his head with a grin as he takes Andrews hand in a firm shake, "Andrew, you know better than to so blatantly flirt with my girl, at least wait till I am out of the room."  That earns him a playful swat on the arm from Kat before he turns to the other lovely lady, "And this is Kat's friend, Becca."

Becca smiles sweetly, an almost timid look as she offers her hand, Andrew taking it and placing a soft kiss on the back of it before he says, "While I am known to be a bit of a recluse around here I will say that I would not have thought there were many that would be as lovely as our dear Kat, much less one that may give her competition."

A slight rise of color on her cheek gives Andrew the indication that she was pleased with the comment and he begins to usher the party into the sitting room.  As they enter and pass the bar Adam hands the bottle of wine he brought and Andrew places it on top as they move to seats.

Adam and Kat sit together on one of the comfortable love seats, Becca alone on another near them, Andrew stays at the bar for a few moments, giving them time to settle before he asks if anyone would have a drink.  All have a bit of rum and coke as they relax a little and discuss the usual polite topics before dinner.

It is less than an hour after the arrival of the guests that there is a soft knock at the sitting room door.  Andrew acknowledges her and she steps in to announce that dinner is ready.  As the woman moves back down the hall to the dining room Andrew smiles and beckons his guests to join him and leads them down the hall as well.

As with most areas of the old mansion this room as well whispers of the money spent to furnish it, not screaming opulence.  The table is set for the four of them, Andrews’s seat at the head of course, one chair on his right, two on the left.  Pulling out the chair he smiles at Becca, "For you my lovely lady," helping her in as is proper, leaving Adam to do the same for Kat on the opposite side.

The already carved, juicy roast, a bowl of potatoes, carrots and celery along with a basket of fresh steaming rolls are revealed as Andrew lifts the covers, over the meal, stacking them a little down the table before taking his seat.  Raising his glass he says, "To friend old and new," then settles back adding, "Please dig in, help yourselves. I do not concern myself with proper manners when I dine alone, I see no reason to inflict that on others when I have guests."

Again the conversation during dinner was mostly mundane, with the occasional not so veiled flirt posed by Andrew towards Becca, usually getting a shy smile from her and Adam shaking his head, "For someone that can say they enjoy the solitary life you certainly can lay it on pretty thick."

The End

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