Solitude, On the BrinkMature

Madness can be a delight, to some at least. Andrew is near that line, can a gift and challenge from a friend safe him?

The old mansion on the outskirts of town had seen its better days, the paint faded, the fence in need of repair and the grounds certainly in need of a more than a little care.  It was still a grand building, regal, looking over the town as a parent would a child.  In a manner of speaking it was.

The town itself was almost entirely on land previously owned by some number of great grandparents of the current resident.  It had been a plantation to begin with, a vast number of slaves and hands working the many acres.  When the war had come Anthony Caller had gathered the slaves and freed them, offering them work, giving them a few coins to make their way should they decide to go.

Each generation had moved away from the farming part and sold a little of the land, given a few lots away, whittling down the acreage, usually at some decent profit, to its present size, about an acre and a half on the west side of town.

Andrew Caller lived alone in the place, spending his days entertaining himself, the joys of having the money to not have to work for a living. Here was also perhaps a slight touch of insanity cause by that loneliness and his self-imposed exile from most of the human race.  He had been a military man, give his time and earned a retirement, but that time had seen the loss of his mother and father to age, and several years ago his wife as well, what had started as a cough turned into pneumonia quickly and she was laid to rest not long after.  As there were no children, he is the last of the line.

A few friends still stopped in on occasion, mostly to watch the slow deterioration of their friend and his estate, Adam being the one that came most often, and actually more out of concern then to watch the show.

The End

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