Waiting, watching, not a noise...

Jake Elliot is suddenly very aware that something is just not right. He has been in this situation too many times before with his unit. He stealthily creeps around to the side of the hut, and moves around to the back. He has lost none of the skills, in his six years since leaving his Special Operations/Intelligence unit.

Lying down in the bracken, Jake waits, and listens. He can see the area from where those birds flew from. The adrenalin is surging through his system, his muscles set for an explosion of action. Waiting, watching... not a noise. No movement whatsoever. Half an hour passes, and he has kept completely still, giving nothing away. Jake has no weapon, but he does have the deadly martial art kill skills, that he was trained to use, and knew so well.

Waiting and, after surveying the area for another ten minutes, he stealthily crept back to the hut side. No sound. No bird noise. Nothing. His whole lean body, in the taught fight mode, was packed up like a pocket knife, ready to explode into action. His heart beating so hard, that he swore, it could be heard by anyone close at hand. Six years had passed quickly, since being in a situation like this. But he thought that these days were over with.

All of a sudden, a brief movement! A few yards closer to the hut than expected. Jake moved further out and into the bracken at the hut side. He is trying to out flank. Since  leaving only his thick socks on he has been silent. Creeping, step, then wait, then step, as taught those many years ago. Jake is able to get further back to the track from whence he came earlier.

Memories came flashing back of his best mate Mike. They had served their country together in that crack intelligence unit. "Mates to the death" they had said. Mike was still attached to the unit when he was murdered, or was it assassinated? On leave, while out running through Princess Park. No one knew they were in that special unit, or did they? The British government were turning the other way, if the operatives were caught by the Russians.

Then there was the utter heartbreak, his soul mate Jasmine, dying in that mysterious flat fire. That had been soul destroying.

The End

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