Solitary Shadows

The antique clock in the corner was ticking. One, two, three, four... it's gentle tone reminded Sofia of her grandad.  Sofia tapped on the armchair, then stopped glancing to the ceiling, not sure if faint noise was Dad finally moving, or the cooling of the house.

Sofia should have been in the car by now, in fact she should have been at school by now. She looked at her school bag and wondered if she would actually make it to Maths today. She remembered the telephone call from the headteacher. Dad being a different person, apologetic, friendly, and nice!  "Of course I understand" he had said. "Yes, we'll make every effort" he said.

This different person appearing from nowhere made Sofia feel angry. Today was certainly no effort. Her frustration was bubbling beneath the surface, revealing itself only in her eyes which burnt when she thought about it too much.

No more noise, it must have been the floorboards. If only she knew what to do. With a big sigh she realised that there was little she could do.  The last few months had taught her well to leave dad alone. She would have to face the music at school, the questions, the looks, the lies. So many lies. She wasn't even sure why.

The cat wandered in through the cat flap. Seeing Sofia sat hunched over - it wandered over and wove itself around her legs. Still cold from the November chill outside Sofia still found it's affection comforting. "Please go and get Dad up" she whispered.  

The End

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