The Memory

A man is wandering alone on a planet while he encounters a foreign technological suit that asks him to enter it sounding in a voice he finds very familiar. He enters the suit and it flies into space.

When she cries, I feel her sadness. She is not here now, but I hope that one day I can hear Clarissa's voice again. I was happy and at peace when she was alive. I was in a good place and everything just felt right. There's not a day I don't think about her. she was my everything, my reason and my purpose.

I'm lost now and I can't find her. Nobody's here and I feel alone. I've sent several distress signals yet I haven't received any responses back. I've hoped that I can find a way out of here. I'm exhausted and haven't slept for days.

As I look for shelter, I see a blue streak of light falling from the sky from the distance. As it gets closer, I run away afraid that the impact will kill me. The shining object slows down in front of me, it shines a blinding light as it slowly approaches me. As the light dims down, It reveals itself.

I thought to himself how magnificent a piece of technology this is. It's resembles a machine, but it's design is of no other I've seen before. It stands at approximately 6 and a half feet tall. The surface is flawless, light white lights run in between the silver and gold facets and pieces that construct this masterpiece. It extends it's hand, opens as I hear a voice.

“We must hurry because I need your help. We must start the process. You body, this suit and your soul will soon evolve in preparation of this journey. You must be inside the suit to complete the process. You must rest. You will awaken a new person and you'll soon understand your purpose.”

The voice from the machine sounded identical to Clarissa. So without hesitation, I entered the suit as it closed around me. My eyes shut. And as I sleep, I dream a memory I will never forget. The memory of rebirth. The memory of how we (and this place) came to be.

The End

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